Spearsoft: Offering Cutting Edge IT Solutions To Clients At Affordable Costs

Srinivas Goli,   Director

Srinivas Goli


Technology sector relies on innovation and innovation is the key to success in any sector. In the present scenario, a plethora of solutions are being developed with support from the IT & the related technologies. Amidst such a growth in the sector it us crucial to offer solutions that has potential to solve real time problems in any vertical. There are a lot of opportunities in multiple sector etc. including Healthcare, Farming, Renewable Energy, Cyber Security, AI / ML, and Manufacturing sectors and more.To succeed seamlessly, businesses need to zero-in on the opportunities or analyze the key areas for the solutions using technology and thus offer the best they can. This is exactly what Spearsoft is doing.It is a start-up founded in 2021 with its headquarters at Atlanta, USA and has its off shore Delivery Centre (ODC) based out of Hyderabad, India .

Spearsoft leverages its highly experienced team, specialized into Software Development, Quality Engineering, IoT Platforms (SaaS & PaaS) and Recruitment, to offer varied quality IT solutions to customers at a competitive price. The company works with the motto to offer its solution to every client in need and puts it as the sole reason to keep a check on the pricing of its offerings. ‘The idea behind the company foundation is that, we want to create equal opportunity for everyone who has the zeal to develop as leader or as an entrepreneur, who has a vision, instincts, ability to take risk in providing solutions for real time problems in any vertical,’ says Srinivas Goli, Director, Spearsoft.
Moreover, the IoT vertical (Internet of Things) is growing rapidly with its wide range of applications in various fields and needless to mention that it is considered by many as the Network of the Future (NoF) which means it s difficult to envision a future without IoT creating an impact in our daily lives. Understading this at a very early stage, Spearsoft was founded to cater to the needs of business of today and tomorrow. Spearsoft deals with different verticals in S/W development, QA / QE, IoT Platforms as PaaS & Staffing.

Owing to its strong foundation in the industry and unmatched work experience in the sector, the flagship of its services is QA / QE. In this area, the company chooses an unparalleled approach to bring point solutions as value addition to its customers for an early and sustained ROI. The company has offered it solutions to a number of national and international companies and has gained huge popularity along with witnessing growth in the sector due to its precise customer first approach.

Spearsoft leverages its highly experienced team, specialized into Software Development, Quality Engineering, iot Platforms and Recruitment, to offer varied quality IT solutions to customers

Spearsoft caters the need of the startups for reasonable cost where always QA has been put on the back burners. We encourage startup’s and be friends to serve them and grow big. Spearsoft intends to join the Millionnaire club by targetting to achieve a turnover of 1 Million in the current financial year. Spearsoft follows a unique process while working on a new project. It works closely with its clients as partners and understand the needs of the business first.

After which, with its team of professionals with several years of experience in the sector, offers a solution that meet the needs of the clients and effectively boost business outcomes. ‘The Foremost point is in our thought process. We believe that, the difference is, us and the people we choose to work with us and the USP:“Ignite Ideas, Innovate Solutions,’ says Srinivas Goli, Director, Spearsoft.