Spectrum Legal: Delivering Highest Degree of Efficiency, Cost-Effectiveness & Integrity

Vaishnavi Bhaskaran, Mahesh Arkalgud, Poornachandra Pattar, Chintan Chinnappa,  ,Managing Partners Chintan, Mahesh, and Poornachandra were part of Dua Associates, a Bangalore-based legal firm. Vaishnavi after her stints at K-Law and Poovayya & Co. decided to run an independent corporate practice firm. As time progressed, their passion and akin interest united them to tackle the gap that existed in the legal ecosystem, because most legal firms at that time lacked integrity in providing quality services to clients and this, in turn, impacted clients business and put them in total jeopardy. Therefore plugging the gap in 2015, the quartet with a solid experience in the space decided to start Spectrum Legal, whose main agenda was to provide quality services to clients at a cost-effective price and to maintain integrity at all times.

Based in Bangalore, the founding partner’s comprehensive and firm decision helped them face obstacles with ease. Also, their core values of catering client’s need helped them grow aggressively over a short period of time. Most importantly the attorney’s at Spectrum Legal have specialized in various practice groups and have extended
relationships with other attorneys and law firms across India. Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai, to name a few. Thus giving them an edge over other legal firms in the market.

Spectrum of Services

Being a full-service legal firm, Spectrum Legal consists of young and dynamic attorneys, whose deep expertise and knowledge revolve around litigation and dispute resolution, corporate law, startup legal compliances, intellectual property, employment law, real estate and projects, banking and finance, family law. Also, their clients’ base includes private and public businesses, health care providers, charitable and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, government entities and municipalities, public utilities, fiduciaries, and individuals.
Therefore, when it comes to providing end-to-end legal services to clients across domains, Spectrum Legal provides personalized attention to clients. Giving them the legal boost to leverage on their expertise and help enhance their business efficiency.

The Colours of Success

Team Spectrum prominent in the space provides efficient legal consulting services to its clients and takes pride in the team’s effort. Throwing light on teamwork and enhancing clients business, Chintan Chinnappa says, “We emphasize on long-term resource development and bond colleagues through common values. For us, success is defined within the framework of satisfactorily addressing the needs of the clients, while being cognizant of the needs of the team.”
Agreeing to this Mahesh Arkalgud adds “More than anything, we promote teamwork, participation, and consensus while also focusing on reaching goals and expectations.”

Spectrum Legal provides quality legal services and personalized attention to clients at competitive & affordable rates

Spectrum Legal’s performance over the years has attained recognition and solid mark in the space. Some of the milestones achieved till date are as follows. They were recently awarded as the most promising startup law firm in India by Global Law Experts. Also, they made it into siliconindia’s top 5 Promising law firms of 2016, to name a few. Talking about the roadmap ahead of Spectrum Legal, Vaishnavi Bhaskaran says, “We are in an expansion phase. Since we are growing aggressively, we will be expecting growth in the human resource aspect of the business. So, we’ll be hiring more efficient attorney’s who has similar vision and interest to work with us in the near future.” Enthusiastically Poornachandra Pattar adds, “Once this is attained, eventually, we will multiply in numbers, both in clientele as well as revenue aspect.”