Speedlabs: Ai based Learning & Practice Platform

  Vivek Varshney,   Founder

Vivek Varshney, Founder

Keeping a close tab on the education sector for years made Vivek Varshney perceived the importance and need of amalgamating technology and learning. The transformation that technology is capable of bringing in academic attainment incited him to trigger off an Edtech firm to bring forth top quality, personal guidance through this technology practice platform for students. It is an ideal app that helps the tutees to derive every knowledge and teaching that they desire to obtain. It provides video lectures, concept notes, unlimited question bank for self study and practice. There are test papers which help the student figure out how prepared they are for their upcoming exams. "I realised that technology has the potential of bringing a lot of transformational changes in the education sector. And so we decided to merge these two platforms inaugurate an e-learning application to deliver a practice-based and personalised lessons," asserts Vivek.

The whole idea behind constructing this Edtech firm was to provide pupils with perfect and effective guidance that is concocted or modified to suit their particular as well as individual educational needs. It focuses in attaining two main attributes. i.e. Practise based and AI-based learning. Both of which makes studying far more superior at today and delivers customized yet undeviating knowledge, classes, lectures and questionnaires. It covers boards like CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge International and other State Boards and caters to the syllabus from class 7 to 12. To which Vivek adds, "This platform is structured to be based on practise and AI. The courses that we offer are also framed using a well planned algorithm."

The Journey
The main challenge pertaining in the edtech industry is the lack of awareness and adoption of the concept personalised education. This is because the conventional method of learning and teaching is still dominating the education department. Many Students and parents are still very sceptical about using the online or e-learning platforms. They are acculturated of using reference books, teachers, personal coaching or guidance. And the lacks of fair and square tutorials and teachings have made the progressof this sector quite protracted. As an edtech startup, Speedlabs was also bothered by these snags in its initial days. As Vivek states, "The very first step of
the company was to spread valuable awareness about e-learning and win their trust by delivering bonafide courses.

To inbuilt certitude amidst people, our team has done detailed investigation and worked effortlessly provided authentic lessons and lectures." Hence, to provide the best courses, the company makes sure to get all the lessons verified by experts and professionals. Their constant endeavour is to help the students gain practical and logical knowledge that includes their complete involvement too.

The Growth story
Started off with a team of two, Speedlabs is now backed by 60 to 70 people and leading educationist. Since inception, it has been growing by leaps and bounds. In the last two year, the company has extended its reach to about seven cities of the country like Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and secured about 6 crore investments from huge companies like Branch Capital. "We have affiliated partners who use our platform to help students with their studies. In the next five years, Speedlabs is aiming to secure the top position and be called the best e-learning platform in the country, providing personalized and practise based education. It aspires to be a high impact learning venture that provides lessons in all vernacular languages.