SpeedWave Fuel: Providing Best Quality Eco-Friendly Biodiesel at an Affordable Price

Vipin Parihar,DirectorOne of the crucial ingredients in the recipe of modern age growth is energy. The Indian bio-fuel industry has consistently witnessed growth and developments over recent years, registering a CAGR of 6.5 percent during 2015-2020. The Government of India is injecting an enormous amount of resources and money into the development of this sector in an attempt to curtail dependency on imported oil. The transportation sector is the major end-user of bio-diesel in India, followed by the construction and energy sectors, providing a vast potential to the biofuel market.

The focus of the central government on implementation of policies like guidelines for retail policy and ban on import & export of biodiesel has resulted as the backbone of the industry to flourish. The Government of Rajasthan is the first Indian state to adopt these guidelines and made its state policy of biodiesel for the retail business named `Rajasthan Biofuels Rules-2019', which was launched on World Biofuel Day. Support from the central government is opening door-ways for several domestic players to explore the potentials of the Indian biodiesel market. Amongst those players who have been instrumental in offering a whole new experience, SpeedWave Fuel Pvt. Ltd. is a name worth mentioning.
Debuted in 2018, SpeedWave Fuel (Green Revolution) is a brand of Bio-diesel B100. The company is into a transportation fuel business of bio-diesel, a non-petroleum-based fuel, and is committed to a cause of sustainable energy. The Jodhpur-head-quartered company's unparalleled expertise lies in the production, manufacturing, storage, and distribution of the best quality biodiesel along with its sister manufacturing companies ­ Rajputana Biodiesel Pvt. Ltd. at Phulera and Fame Biofuels Pvt. Ltd at Vadodara.

Vipin Parihar, the company's Director, says, "SpeedWave Fuel is an eco-friendly fuel with almost no Sulphur, no aromatics but has about 10 percent built-in Oxygen and is biodegradable. It's a renewable, clean-burning fuel produced from various feedstocks, including used vegetable oils, palm sterane, animal tallow, and more. We take high standards of quality control and have an automated twin check system (Dip and weight) to avoid any malpractices and pilferages through the process."

An Incredible Journey So Far
SpeedWave Fuel is the brainchild of Vipin Parihar (Director)and his friend & colleague Sunil. The company started with the idea of focusing on green energy, especially, biofuel to be socially responsible, offer the best quality eco-friendly fuel at an affordable price, transform the fuel business, create jobs in the biofuels & related industries, produce sustainable biofuels from regional resources, and much more. Akin to startups in every vertical, SpeedWave Fuel too faced the initial crunches, but its hard-working team of 38 professionals went the extra mile and took the company to the growth side.

India's first Government approved Biodiesel Mobile Retail Outlets of SpeedWave Fuel Pvt. Ltd. were inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shri Ashok Gehlot in November 2019. To date, the company has successfully opened nine retail outlets in the state, and 13 retail outlets are under process. With storage and distribution centers located at Jodhpur, Phulera, and Vadodara, SpeedWave Fuel focuses on the entire Rajasthan retail segment.

The company does its distribution through two main channels ­ Retail and Bulk. Its Bulk clientele boasts of names like Indian Oil Corporation, JK Cement, The Lalit Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Taj Jai Mahal, Taj Hari Mahal, to name a few. With various other plans in the pipeline, Speed-Wave Fuel is planning to open 45 new retail outlets in Rajasthan by 2021. The company is also looking forward to expanding its geographical base to other nearby states in 2022.