Sporfy: A Comprehensive Sport, Fun and Fitness Platform

Muthaiah Thiagarajan & Raghuraman Rajagopalan,,Co-Founders
Muthaiah Thiagarajan& Raghuraman Rajagopalan

Two former Microsoft employees, Muthaiah Thiagarajan & Raghuraman Rajagopalan - for the love of sport and technology started Sporfy,a unique platform evolved from the personal experience of co-founders, to provide sports enthusiasts and organizers a feel of international tournaments.

Interestingly, the ideation of the platform began on a Sunday afternoon at Nagarjuna, Koramangala Bangalore, where the co-founders went for lunch and discussed about the tournament they had just played. During the tournaments, they noticed that the events were completely disorganized and cumbersome. As techies, they felt a need to develop a solution that integrates the entire experience into a single platform. That was the start!

In April 2017, the duo took the entrepreneurial plunge, quit their high-paying jobs and started addressing all the pain points related to Sport, Fun & Fitness from scratch. The company started its product journey with Cricket since the co-founders knew the
game by heart. “We wanted to stitch a full experience for the users, teams, and organizers so that the primary intent of playing the game remains intact. An end-to-end solution which gives the users and organizers the advantage on a long run to adapt and be able to play the game in a smart and seamless way, right from booking, scoring in real-time,to accessing the stats and data of the game,to flexible payment options, thereby use the information to improve the overall game play,”explicates Muthaiah Thiagarajan aka Muthu.

"In the coming days,Sporfy is going to transform into a sports, fun & fitness booking and end to end Software as a Service company"

A lot more than a Scoring Platform
Incubated in KPR Engineering College, Coimbatore, the co-founders alongside three interns started working on developing the product, Sporfy, which took them close to a year and was officially launched worldwide on 7th September 2018. The platform is now available on Web and Android. iOS is expected soon. In a short span of time, Sporfy has received stunning responses, where it has more than 30 listings for booking, 7000+ users, 600+ teams, and has executed 30 tournaments with more than 800+ matches in Bangalore & Coimbatore. Today, the platform covers more than 36 categories in Sport, Fun, and Fitness, including Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Zumba, Yoga and more.
Raghuraman Rajagopalan aka Raghu, throwing light on the platform, says “For Cricket, apart from simplifying the communications and scoring features on the platform,we have built an automated system, where the complete scorecard of the game is available for the users in real time. Our offline capability is exceptional. Even if the game is happening in the remote locations, where there is limited access to a network, the scoring can be done smoothly without network.”

He further adds “The detailed stats feature shows the cream players, who are in the top of their games & tournaments. This over a period of time brings complete transparency into the sports ecosystem, as amateur player gets visibility.”

The Future of Sports-tech
Based in Coimbatore & Bangalore, the company has a team of 25, who are passionate about sports and technology. In the coming days, Sporfy is going to transform into a sports fun and fitness booking and end to end Software as a Service company. “Today, we have solved the Cricket puzzle at the grass root level, and soon we’ll have a complete solution for football, badminton and tennis plus other sports avers Muthu.

Optimistic about the future of Sporfy, Raghu concludes “The way we are heading, we want to help build a digital ecosystem for Sport, Fun & Fitness covering tournaments, coaching classes,courses, memberships, corporate offerings, and get into offline to take the business to a whole new level.”