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  Senthil Kumar AS,    Co-Founders

Senthil Kumar AS


Necessity is the mother of invention; a famous proverb that rationalizes the act of humans creating trailblazing solutions whenever an ineluctability need arises. The invention of Sportingindia is also the result of an essential requirement. The need of perceiving information concerning sports, prompted Senthil Kumar AS and Anand Kumaran to actuate a platform that features articles, facts, statistics, particulars, details and services in connection with several types of sports and sports persons.“The idea of starting a sport-tech services and sport-portal sprung to mind when we struggled to find any information about other sports or sportsman apart from cricket and cricketers. So we decided to launch a news and information portal that called attention to other forms of competitive activities that are paid no attention to,” says Senthil Kumar AS, Co-Founder, Sportingindia.

The three prime services that the company offers are Technical
services, Crowd Funding and News Media. Under these categories it has enabled websites that helps people and sports persons with Online Registration System, Statistics, Social Media Management and Graphics Designs. It is famous for its unique offering that is escorting crowd funding exclusively for athletes both amateurs and professionals. As far as its role as a news portal is concerned it projects all reports, information and profiles of all Indian athletes and sports events. To which Anand Kumaran, Co-Founder, Sporting india adds,“Our USP is our Online Registration System. We provide athletes a unique ID attached to his/her federation where it acts as a digital home for his/her relationship with the federation. Our primary intention is to cover several end of the sports spectrum.”

Journey so far
Founded in 2014, the company made a stellar impression in the market and its ventures did get off to a flying start. Initially, it had only two members in its team and one office whereas today it has 12 people onboard and three offices. Its stroke of genius is its partnership with Athletics Federation of India (AFI) which eventually led to illustrious undertakings with All India Tennis Association, Asian Tennis Federation, Olympians Association of India, Cycling Federation of India and Asian Cycling Confederation. This has undoubtedly elevated the position and worth of Sporting india in the entire sporttech
industry. “Our first successful endeavour was developing registration system where athletes and officials from 43 countries registered through it. We also made AFI-ORS which was implemented in all the 17 events in the calendar year,” avers Anand.

The Roadmap Ahead
The company is continuously working on its two verticals and they are the Online Registration System and the Sports Crowd funding Platform. With the online Registration System it is aiming to bringing every athlete under the Digital Space, conferring them with unique ID that is linked with the sports federations. Localization of content is the next priority where the Online Registration Systems uses regional languages for their interaction with the users. On the other hand, it is working towards launching the Sports Crowd funding platform through which it is striving to collector raise funds from the public. This fund will purely be used for the benefits of the athletes. Through this medium people will also be able to sponsor insurance for sports people. “We are all set to launch Sports Crowd funding Platform in July 2019. It is going to be first of its kind where about 50 thousand athletes will be housed under one roof. Our motif is to make all sports person be publically known and help them obtain things they deserve the best,” concludes Senthil.