Square Root Consulting: Bringing People Together

Team Square Root Consulting ,

Team Square Root Consulting
Amit Patil, Prashant Kulkarni, Pawan Murthy, Pavan Walvekar, Sachin Dsouza, Chetan N, Arun Danagouda, Sangamesh Patil, Subramanya Wakade, Abhishekkumar Singh, and Deepak Patali.

A math lover and believer in value investing, Amit Patil has always been passionate about everything he set-forth in his life, and cooking is one of them. One Sunday evening, when he and his friends gathered to feast upon the scrumptious meal prepared by him, reality struck – an idea that changed the course of events once and for all. Embellishing the episode, many of his friends were seasoned recruiters, and every time they met, they used to talk about the blemishes that existed in the industry. They decided to start a company that puts an end to such behavior once and for all.

In 2014, his friends and fellow roommates, Prashant, Pawan, and Murthy among others, who were present that day, were influenced by the idea and gave it a second thought. However, tables turned, when they mutually-decided to venture into it if only everyone joined, fulltime.
Amit taking the first step to register the company decided to help them run the business. The team began to germinate on the idea, and in October 2015 started Square Root Consulting. That was just the start!

“Traditionally, a majority of the recruiting firms were inclined towards mass hiring – more of volume rather than quality. We, on the other hand, wanted to carve a niche in the industry by providing our clients the right candidates, at the right time, who understood the culture of start-ups and help them boost the growth of the business to the next level,” says current Managing Director and first-time entrepreneur, Amit, contentedly. “In other words, we wanted to focus more on the quality aspects rather than quantity!” he smiles.

The Journey of Start-up Enablers

Square Root Consulting did have its set of challenges along the way, the ups and downs of running the show in a bootstrap mode. However, following a lean setup, the team was able to overcome them all, seamlessly. Today, the company has reached new heights, where it provides quality and reliable recruitment services to its clients across industries such as AR/VR, fin-tech, media, and deep-tech amongst others. The company has served more than 200+ clients till date, catering to their technical hiring requirements. “Currently, we are focusing on a start-up model, as we see a huge gap that exists in the market. Through our experience, we have seen that the hiring of candidates in the product and service industry is mushrooming like never before” avers Pavan Murthy, Manager – Talent Acquisition, excitedly.

We want to remain ubiquitous in the recruitment landscape, where we want to be at the epicentre of teamwork, trust, and togetherness

Adding to this, Prashant Kulkarni, AVP – Recruitment, Square Root Consulting, says “We don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. Therefore, we are very realistic and straight-forward in our approach, and ensure not to give false hopes/promises to the clients just for the sake of it. Once committed, we always go the extra mile to hand-pick the right candidates for our clients.”

In People we Trust

Smitten by honesty, ethics, and integrity, Bengaluru-based Square Root Consulting with a team of 10+ people is etching a new trend in the recruitment industry. Currently, it offers services to its clients in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. In the coming days, it plans to expand its team, and have offices in other cities across India.

Growing 100 percent YoY in revenue, the company over the years has had sustainable growth and continues to invest in technology to take this forward. Amit optimistic about the future of Square Root Consulting concludes “We want to remain ubiquitous in the recruitment landscape, where we want to be at the epicentre of teamwork, trust, and togetherness."