Startup Squares: A Safe Space for Budding Businesses

Salma Moosa,FounderWomen are born with the DNA to build great businesses. Starting a Startup or building one is similar to giving birth to a child and nurturing it towards its dreams & who else is well prepared to nurture a startup than a woman. Women are straight-headed and emotional yet know to draw the lines as and when needed. Most important is the persistence they have in their decisions. One such woman who is born to rule the business world not only by nurturing her brand but also by fostering a healthy growth space for startups is- Salma Moosa, founder of Startup Squares.

Salma comes with over 30 years of experience in building businesses and supporting them. For the past decade, she is assisting startups with their growth, first through a consultancy firm than through her community-driven initiative. Speaking about her journey, Salma informs, "There were successes and failures, but as we say, there are no failures, there are successes and there are lessons. Through all lessons learned & my previous entity's failure, I was introduced to Disciplined Entrepreneurship, the hard way.

That is when as a mentor and inspiration to 100s of founders, I could not walk away without doing it right. I could not have left all those young entrepreneurs losing faith in
entrepreneurship. Startup Squares was born in a very testing time for me as a founder. I was mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially had hit the rock bottom. As we say, when things get tough, the tough get going. The only thing that motivated me to start Startup Squares was the belief the entrepreneurs had on me."

Startup's Support System
Startup Squares is a global platform that supports inclusively with its founders for virtual incubation & acceleration that focuses on execution & outcome-driven initiatives. It comes with support in 3 critical growth aspects for a founder ­ Investments, Customers & Connections. The company offers 5 different kinds of programs keeping in mind the startup founder's stage and what their growth plans look like. The programs include Pre-Founders Square, Founders Square, The Next Square, Platinum Square 700, and Acceleration Program.

Startup Squares provides complete 360 degrees support to 150 plus founders in its incubated founder's community and connects them with partners from across industries

Startup Squares has been in existence for the past 18 months and today it has 150 plus founders under all its programs. It has gained partners from Canada, Green & Spiegel LLP, one of the oldest law and immigration firms that allows founders to explore investment opportunities. It is also partnered with IAN, 50k Ventures, Hyderabad Angels, Faster Capital and is associated with more than 20 plus funds, 10+ universities, 50+ incubators & accelerators.

“We have around 15 plus industries that we work in ­ Healthcare, EduTech, FinTech, SpaceTech, Mobility, CleanTech, eCommerce, Mobile Applications & Service based startups. One of the most important advantages our Clients get through us is the ability to connect with people from across industries and also have all the required services like the CA, CS, Legal, IT, IP & DM consultants all under one space. Further to all this, we are one of the very few in the global levels who come in to support on execution of the strategies to enable growth for the startups,” she mentions.

Startup Squares envisions to be one of those platforms that entrepreneurs from across the world seek if they are looking at hacking their growth faster and strategically.