Akssai Projexel: A Suite of Premium Corporate Services

   Anil Kumar Sharma,    DirectorThe corporate services providers industry and demand have experienced notable growth in recent years. The market is driven by factors such as increasing complexity in corporate regulations, the need for cost-effective solutions, and the growing emphasis on efficiency and compliance. With a thriving business environment and increasing emphasis on compliance, the demand for professional corporate services in India has been on the rise. AKSSAI PROJEXEL is one of the most prominent and outstanding firms offering a range of expert corporate services under one roof. With a broad range of services divided into modules, AKSSAI has removed the need to engage with multiple service providers, offering a holistic solution to businesses.

AKSSAI offers a complete range of business solutions ranging from financial services including taxation and accounting solutions legal services IT-related services compliance, licensing, regulatory services, advisory services and HR solutions catering to various industries including media, industrial manufacturing, insurance, asset and wealth management, pharmaceuticals, and more, following a customer centric approach that focuses on transparency, and engages clients throughout the process as a partner. To promote superior services, AKSSAI encourages in-person meetings, and collaborative effort.

“Through our proprietary platform, FINAC, which is an ‘all-in one’ platform, we offer combined services via an online+offline
model, administered by dedicated teams that provide services like accounting, bookkeeping, regular filings, compliances, advisory solutions, tax, payroll, auditing, and much more. Through FINAC, we have helped several foreign companies tap into the Indian markets. The platform currently has over 4000 entities. So far, there is no other platform that offers all of these services in one place, which puts us in a favorable position”, shares Anil, Director.

Journey & Future Roadmap
AKSSAI’s idea was born in 2017 when the founder, Anil, who was engaged with one of the Big4s was working in Cambodia, and sought to start an enterprise which helps solve business challenges. With his expertise and vision, he found the answer in corporate services starting with accounting and taxation and expanding into the whole gamut of practices which typically are offered separately. Envisioning a solution that brings such diverse services under one roof to become an all-in-one solution, he joined forces with the firm’s CTO, Lokesh Jain, who brings over 14 years of experience working with prominent firms like EROS International.

AKSSAI believes in including a human touch to its approach, encouraging in-person meetings, & collaborative effort

AKSSAI then sought expert and seasoned professionals including CAs, MBAs, Advocates, IT Professionals, and CMAs with remarkable proficiency across diverse sectors. The distinctive team experience added to the firm’s offerings and rendered the team capable of understanding the complex business challenges for the diverse clientele spread across India, the US, the UK, Taiwan, and Sweden.

Beginning with finding solutions for small techrelated business issues with the help of Ankit, focusing on solutions based on automation in 2021, the company quickly saw bigger gaps in the segment, finding the need for integrating these solutions for broader applications, converting the services into larger goals, and thus started its evolutionary journey, growing and nurturing its tech wing tremendously in the past two years. Over the span of six years, the company created a powerful market presence with nearly 200 employees, as well as 13 offices within India.

With big ambitions for the future, AKSSAI is focused on expanding the workforce tenfold, adding new and innovative features and modules into the Finac platform, as well as streamlining the tech and non-tech verticals further for improved efficiency and reducing human error. With unwavering ambition and an extraordinary growth trajectory, AKSSAI is destined to reign as an industry trailblazer.