Revex Media: ROI Focused Growth Agency for Scaling Revenue With Experience

Utkarsh Arora,  CEO & Founder

Utkarsh Arora,CEO & Founder

Advertising with all its Counterparts has its Own Comlexities. Technologically speaking, its is far more reflexive and competitive now, compared to what it was 10 year ago. The world has witnessed the digital revolution and newer innovations are lining up for use in future. In this brave new world some are worthy of having volumes created for their names because the high tides hit them hard only to make them a little stronger at a time. Revex media might be a coparatively new name to people but it got seasoned well. Possibilities in the digital marketing sector seem over reaching and this company is marching in the right direction with authenticity in tools and services.

Journey from Failure to Success
“Within three months of inception, we were serving more than 15 clients that included some of the big names in the Indian market which has been possible mostly because of our unique ROI positioning. But in the journey of two years we have experienced success as well as failures. We didn’t realize that our cash in hand is marginal and even a single delay in payments from the client can hinder our operations and salaries. And, eventually, that happened, salaries got delayed, we had defaulted on the technology partners, company culture that we build with a lot of effort was crashed and unfortunately, to survive we had to lay off our 30 percent workforce. We revived Revex and our cash flows and revenues were again showing green signals from which 50 percent we were using to pay off debt and 50 percent on the operations and technology”, says Utkarsh Arora, CEO & Founder, Revex Media.

The Dream that Led to Revex
Utkarsh received a small healthcare business through family heirloom and has always been institutionalized for the same. Utkarsh quit medical college in just four days because on the inside, he felt differently. As anyone can assume, the journey started with a comparison thought of handling a chemist store v/s running a business with inspiring people. An entrepreneurial plunge always fantasized Utkarsh as he drew his inspiration from big-business operations and how they build scalable models to deliver value to the customer satisfaction driven environment and at the same time create thousands of employments.

He joined hands with Nishant Bagla in 2017 and started the Revex journey. “We hit rock-bottom and were about to prove the stats that 90 percent of the startups gets shut in their first year but then I realised this is the test we need to pass and it became a challenge for us to overcome this and grow again. I still remember working
with Utkarsh and Preeti Arya(Communication Head, Revex Media)from 8 AM to 7 PM with the team and then working from 8 PM to 2 AM for the clients to cover up the work the30 percent past workforce was handling. The team sat together and planned how we can revive Revex, and we gave us six months to get back on track. In that we planned to stop our sales and optimize the operations in first two months and found out promising vendors to help us out with flexible payout plans and worked day and night on growing Revex again the right way”, asserts Nishant Bagla, Co-Founder.

"With smart work and positive attitude, revex media has successfully crossed one cr. Revenue last financial year with only 25 employees in hand and having worked with 50+ clients all across india"

Addressing Advertising Challenges the Revex Way
Detecting the hurdles with perfection and designing fruitful solutions to those have been the elements of truth for Revex. Having gone through the hard phases of business, the founders were shrewd in formulating consumer oriented service models. Observing the rapid change in consumer behavior, Revex leverages insights and survey technology for all its clients to be on the top of the industry insightsand runs monthly customer development sessions to understand the customer journey and pain points to advertise better.

Change is the constant truth of the advertising industry which is why direct approaches don’t seem to give out desired results. Utkarsh says,“At Revex we thrive to find out the unconventional ways to connect with the audience with value-based marketing and native advertising.”

In order to provide appropriate digital marketing services, Revex employs a specific team for every client so that there is no lack of dedication. Clients that have retained their business relationships with Revex is primarily because of its dedicated team structure.

The Success and Future Prospects
With smart work and positive attitude, Revex Media has successfully crossed One Cr. revenue last financial year with only 25 employees in hand and having worked with 50+ clients all across India. It has been able to create physical presence in the cities of Delhi and Gurgaon and have team members working in Mumbai and Bangalore. Expressing the good will and the road ahead for Revex, the founders conclude, “Revex Media is not just an agency, it is a community of growth partners who are equally passionate about your business to achieve the objectives with our experienced team, fresh thinking, data-driven culture and innovation. Most of our clients have been our mentors.Revex works on IAM (InHouse Agency) Model, where we assign a dedicated team to our clients for better work quality and results. We always get valuable knowledge about the business from our beloved clients. We are starting our operations in Canada by 2020 first quarter and aiming to become one of the top service providers in India for Inbound Marketing, Social
Media Marketing and Paid Advertising by 2025.”

Revex Inbound: For B2B funded startups and enterprises,Revex Inbound is an innovative and customer & revenue focused inbound marketing agency. Unlike, other inbound marketing agencies, Revex Inbound breaks the monotony and brings a custom-made new approach for each business to upscale their revenue and make their customersfall in love with their brand.

Revex Ads:For startups and enterprises, Revex Ads is a data and conversion driven PPC agency. Unlike, other PPC vendors who works on vanity metrics, we aspire to focus on bottom line conversions or significant brand equity lift for the brands leveraging theconsumer data insights tomake the most out of theirmedia spend.

Revex Social: For startups and enterprises, Revex Social is a social media agency works on distributing emotionally striking and valuable content. Unlike, other social media agencies that focus on only “Publishing Content as commodity” Revex Social leverages AI technology to gather audience insights and the craft, publish and distribute the content that connects with the audience.

Revex Data:For growing startups and enterprises, Revex Data is a data-driven business solution provider works on enabling the firms to leverage data for making better business, marketing and product development decisions. Unlike, other data analytics companies, we leverage our Funnel Growth approach to work from the customer touch point; starting to the end.

Revex Experience: For funded startups & enterprises serious about customer perception towards their brand, Revex Experience is a CRO, design & development agency that build user experience focused digital products that increase the use time and conversion rates. Unlike, other agencies, building the products just to make them live and functional, Revex Experience get into each detail of user journey leveraging high-end tracking technology and build easy to use and addictive digital products.

Revex’ philosophy is to work with clients and put sincere efforts and hearts toachieve the optimum success deliberately with the methodological approach

A vast number of companies fail or unable to grow to their real potential because of ineffective marketing approach. Revex as a growth agency wants to help businesses to reach their higher potential and turn the companies into brands and envision setting a benchmark for holding a genuine client-agency relationship in the industry