Codegene:Generating Scalable Applications

Pavan Rebba, CEOEmbedded in a province that is popularly known as the Rice Bowl of India, Codegene has been furnishing the technology sector with the most innovative, future ready and scalable solutions. Raised by a genus of steadfast techies, the company hold expertise in delivering top of the range offerings such as Web Development, Mobile Application, Scaling up Application, Project Management Blockchain Development & API services. Succouring brands with unique and effective products, platforms & digital ordeals it has enabled them to accomplish objectives.

"Codegene has been furnishing the technology sector with the most innovative, future ready and scalable solutions"

How did it all begin!
The journey of Codegene began when a group of technocrats endeavoured to build technology blending the right amount of passion and enthusiasm. Their sole objective is not only to create technology but to fashion it to be the cause of prosperity for those seeking to an opportunity to establish an impressive stature in the industry. In the main, they have ventured to measure the technological needs and requirements from the receiver’s end and evaluate their object of exercise. “Technology has been the key ingredient for the enlargement of every

hightech industry. And the idea of making ourselves more advanced in terms of technology propelled us to intensely explore the ecosystem. We are basically striving to make a significant contribution towards making Andhra Pradesh a burgeoning Sillicon Valley,” briefed Pavan Rebba, CEO, Codegene.

Aims to get hold of the new frontiers of analytics in areas like big data, social media and blockchain

Since the very first day, the company has bolstered up itself to face the challenges that were expected to be on the horizon. Reaching out to the clients, understanding their ambitions and providing them the most suitable and effective technical solutions were some of the initial hindrances it has to endure in its nascent stage. “As a team we make sure that the communication between us and the clients are clear and evident. To prove our efficiency and build a trustful image in the market, we made sure to remain true to the commitments, maintain timely deliveries and fulfill the complete sequence of every project,” he alludes.

Codegene’s way of working can be defined in three basic steps. i.e. sketching & designing, developing & coding, and deployment & production. It has been using all latest technology to engender applications that are expeditious and responsive. Throwing light on it he comments, “One thing we are focused on is to the seamless integration of various technologies be it big or small to structure the best solutions for our clients. This vantage point has enabled us to put forward the small as well as large scale product of choice.”

Marching toward the Future
Adhering to a kosher vision, the company intends to remain updated with the ever evolving technology and remain relevant to the technological requirements. It also aims to get hold of the new frontiers of analytics in areas like Big Data, Social Media and Blockchain. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is to magnify its ability to produce technology of the highest order and cater clients beyond their expectation. It also resolute to further beef up its potentiality so as to furnish technological offerings of choice to its customers. “The technological essentials are intensifying day by day and to match pace with it we have minded to upgrade ourselves with all the new and surfacing technologies. Our main objective is to concoct the finest technology and offer best services to our clients,” Pavan Rebbar, concludes positively.