Eximius Design Product Engineering Services with Excellence

 Ravi Arikapudi, Bala Jeyabalan, Sarang Padalkar, Arun George, Jay Avula, Jaspi Sandhu & Bala Gorthi,CEO
(L-R) Ravi Arikapudi, Bala Jeyabalan, Sarang Padalkar, Arun George, Jay Avula, Jaspi Sandhu& Bala Gorthi, CEO

Hardware is the new software! While the traditional semiconductor & VLSI manufacturers are grappling to meet the demands of the customers, a new generation of software and system companies is emerging as a dominant contender in the hardware ecosystem. Generational shifts, from Y2K to dot com services, e-commerce to web-based social networks are complete and... evolving

Newer technology players with innovative ideas and business models are adding to traditional design houses. Technology giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon, which had little initial hardware presence, are now building custom silicon to compete with and complement the likes of Apple, Dell, Intel, IBM and others.

Hardware and system competencies are shift ing to different geographic locations. In this back-drop, India is in the limelight. Many Silicon heavy weights have anchored large teams in India. This has also spawned the growth of many semiconductor service companies.

However, not all services companies are equal. Some have superior and more broadly diversified capabilities than others.

One such company that exemplifies the ethos of excellence in everything that they do is Eximius Design. The company provides seamless product engineering services and capabilities that help customers build disruptive products across Hardware design, Software Design and System design.

Bala Gorthi,VP– Hardware, Eximius Design, says, “We are working across multiple technologies that exist in the market- there is a huge flow of work that is heading towards India. From the siloed work of Y2K, e-commerce, Web technologies and Silicon design, it is now the time for Hardware + Software + Systems! We are enabling a lot of end to end work that is coming in from different parts of the world.”

Transforming Ideas into a Reality– Delighting Customers Everyday
Headquartered in San Jose, CA,Eximius has development centres in Singapore, Malaysia, and India(Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, and Chennai). The company till date has worked with some of the world's leading semiconductor companies and next-generation start-ups. The leadership team comes with a collective experience of 250+ years - working across various companies in the VLSI/Semiconductor, Software /System design, and Technology spaces.

Explaining the uniqueness of their product-engineering services and solutions, Sarang Padalkar, CTO,
Eximius Design, says,“The traditional semiconductor companies need our services because they have limited resources and a lot of work to get done. On the other hand, the nextgen companies that leverage new age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Wearable devices, IoT and other technologies need us because they do not have a semiconductor arm or a team to build custom silicon.”

"Team Eximius consists of experienced industry veterans and young talent who work in unison to achieve impeccable results"

The growing market for smart devices, smart homes and smart cars, and more importantly, the need to connect them all together intelligently, presents an exciting opportunity. That is why Eximius not only focuses on VLSI design services but boasts of a very strong software and systems team as well. Arun George,VP– Head of Software Division, says, “We started off as a pure hardware company, but today we have evolved into an all-in-one hardware, software and systems company. For example, we now have the capability to design, validate and integrate complex embedded software, connectivity solutions and Deep Learning algorithms on to custom silicon designed by our VLSI team which is then mounted on complex multi layered HDI boards that our engineers designed.”

Turning ideas into reality, Eximius understands the challenges of customers much better than any other competitor in this space. Depending on the requirement of its clients,the company provides a complete product solution or specific parts of the solution.“We are in the business of solving tough engineering problems, and we delight our customers,on an everyday basis,”mentions Sarang.

The Beginningof Eximius Design
Founded in 2014, Eximius has had a humble beginning. At its start, the team anticipated a rush of business given its leadership team’s extensive industry experience. “Interestingly, the semiconductor space doesn’t work that way. People don’t give us business purely based on our past reputations. Each customer relationship starts with the successful execution of a small project by a handful of engineers and evolves into a much larger engagement,” mentions Sarang.

Team - I
At present, the company counts some of the world’s top semiconductor companies as its customers. Having started with two customers, the Eximius team now works with more than 20 customers across the world. “We currently have a presence in 16 out of 20 VLSI houses in Bangalore which includes a healthy number of engineering heavy weights,”informs Bala.

When the company started its operation in Bangalore, its
leadership wanted to build a company that would create a positive disruption in the semiconductor ecosystem. Throwing light on its growth, Sarang says,“In our first year, we were about 50 people.In the second year, we grew to about 150 people. Today, we are 750+ strong, and we expect to double in the next couple of years. Our scale provides great opportunities to our employees to advance their careers in areas that interest them”.

The Way Forward– Growing While Preserving an Open Culture
Team Eximius consists of experienced industry veterans and young talent who work in unison to achieve impeccable results. Bala, elaborating on the culture that promotes growth, says,“We follow an open culture. Although we have a traditional chain of command, people are encouraged to reach out to anybody across the company. Over and above, we encourage our engineers to question and challenge assumptions. Our employees are encouraged to converse freely with anyone in the hierarchy, including with our Founder, Jay.”

Team II

He further states,“Personally,I feel our engineers like to be challenged. There fore, we do our best to win state-of-the art projects for them. It's as simple as that.”

Adding to this, Rekha Reddy, Director– Human Capital, Eximius Design, says “At Eximius we value employees and their passion. We are glad to invest in people who have the right attitude and desire to learn. With the help of our leadership and our HR personnel, we have created a culture of openness, learning, growth, and camaraderie. We believe that our employees are our brand ambassadors and we continuously invest in them, reward them, and develop them to pursue their passion at Eximius.” Eximius has also partnered with local NGOs such as Goonj to help give back to the community by championing various charitable causes.

Eximius Design – A One Stop Shop Service Provider
• Product Engineering Services
• Design & Development Services
• Maintenance & Value Engineering
• System Validation& Test Automation

Technology :
• Hardware Engineering
• Analog/Mixed Signal Design
• ASIC & FPGA Design
• Digital Verification
• Physical Implementation
• Software Engineering
• Connectivity
• Platform Engineering
• Storage
• Artificial Intelligence

• Semiconductors
• Storage& Datacenter
•Digital Living& Consumer Electronics
• Automotive
• Aerospace