OneDelta: Legal Management Now On Autopilot

Murthy Suravarapu, CEO, John E. Matheson, Chairman&,Kishen Gadicherla, CTO
Murthy Suravarapu, CEO

For any business, change is constant. The factors that influence a business’s ability to sell its products and services to a large extent are economic pressures, evolution in consumer behavior,and impact of environmental factors such as industry reforms, policies,and government regulations.

Each functional group of a business entity has a role to play to address these changes; and are empowered with technology products and innovation to enable them. For example,Accounts & Finance have financial software packages to address financial and economic pressures;Sales and Marketing departments have CRM solutions to address consumer behavior;and Operations teams have MRP, Agile Methodology tools, etc. But you don’t see many technologies innovations catering to Legal departments.

It is this underserved and therefore untapped segment that the folks at OneDelta Technology Solutions,see a sizable market for their niche LegalTech solutions, and are well on their way to capitalize as first

An Overview of Indian Legal Ecosystem – The Changing Dynamics
As articulated above, change is constant and companies need to be dynamic to address these. When it comes to addressing the ever-evolving environmental factors,the law department and in-house lawyers can play a decisive role here,therein influencing the overall company’s business strategy. They are not only responsible for ensuring that their business entity complies to the law of the land, but also responsible for ensuring that their company is protected in terms of liabilities and obligations with respect to vendors and customers.

Unfortunately,today, a large chunk of their bandwidth is being absorbed by repetitive tasks that are done manually due to the lack of any meaningful technology solutions that are legal-centric.Simple, mundane, and repetitive tasks of tracking, maintaining,and filing of compliances with government agencies;generating and customizing contract documents among others,could be easily tackled using automation tools.

“At the end of the day,as an in-house lawyer,I need to free myself up from commonplace repetitive tasks,and instead provide high value-add inputs such as risk mitigation and actively participating in boardroom strategies” avers John E. Matheson, Chairman, OneDelta Technology Solutions.

Their CTO, Kishen Gadicherla,concurs, “There is a vast scope of technology innovation possible within legal departments,and LegalTech is the only way forward. We started with the low-hanging fruit, that is, the automation of monotonous repetitive tasks that immediately saved our customers cost and time. What’s more, this eliminated redundancies within their legal departments, thereby bringing in efficiencies”.

The Journey of Building Cutting-edge Products for Legal Departments
Founded in 2012, OneDelta Technology Solutions started its journey as a group of like-minded professionals from legal,technology and marketing backgrounds collaborated to add value to the corporate legal ecosystem.

For two years, the team worked tirelessly to leverage technology to build products that mapped, automated and optimized the various processes of regulatory compliance, contract management, and incident management. They married the Intelligent Design techniques of product development with legal domain expertise, to bring out products that adhere to what is now being referred to in the LegalTech industry as “Legal Design Thinking” and quickly converged to the right product/ market fit. In fact, the products were so successful that OneDelta didn’t really have a full-fledged sales and marketing team until four years later. “The best part is, we have achieved all of that, only through references,” mentions Murthy, the CEO, unreservedly. Today, they have over 60+ clients on their platform, from diverse industry verticals such as IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, FinTech, Pharmaceuticals, Real-estate, NBFCs, and e-Commerce, which include Fortune India 500 as well as some unicorn startups.

“It’s been a great journey”, says John, “and the credit for the successful market adoption of our products goes squarely to our team and the work culture that we follow. With 30+ employees, an amalgamation of young talent, experienced and industry veterans, we organize them into teams in an unconventional manner so that engineering and legal is working together, bringing the synergies of technology and law, in a collaborative effort”.

An example of one of the truly unique features that is common across all of their products is true email integration, that completely eliminates the learning curve that is required for any new software. So there is no software to install, and no logins required, and no logins required, and hence
no software to learn – leading to easy acceptance.

"Onedelta’s Platform Has A Very Modular Architecture, Thus Making It Geography Agnostic"

Upping the ante, team OneDelta says that they are working on developing a suite of tools dedicated to Startups, SMEs and MSMEs that allows managers to focus on business, and let technology monitor the health of the business from a compliance standpoint, and provide solutions to automate business-legal transactions and obligations. “There are a lot of things an entrepreneur needs to think about; the company’s compliancy to laws shouldn’t be one of them,” says Murthy, while explaining his vision for the proposed Do it Yourself (DIY), pay-as-you-grow platform.“The goal of this suite of tools is to make the user experience simple and so intuitive that even a non-legal person can use it to get precise and meaningful results based on the nature of business, size of the company, and location.”

John E. Matheson, Chairman

The Roadmap Ahead
OneDelta started in a bootstrapped mode and is currently in an expansion phase. The company has the first-mover advantage and is consolidating its position in the Indian market.

In a span of six years, OneDelta has grown exponentially both in business and product development. “As our customers start expanding their operations beyond the Indian borders, they’ve requested us to extend our services and support as they foray into global markets. “Our platform has a very modular architecture, thus making it geography agnostic,” mentions Kishen. “In fact, we’ve already mapped all compliances applicable to the ASEAN region, and are in the midst of pilot deployments at two of our key clients in this region.

So what’s next for OneDelta
“Every day we hear the buzzwords of ArtificialIntelligence, Blockchain, and Machine Learning being thrown around by various companies primarily to get investors excited, with no real sustainable business model. Our philosophy is contrarian to this general practice. We will adopt these cutting-edge innovations only if they make cost-benefit sense to our customers.” says Kishen, explicitly.

He adds “All I will reveal to you at this point is that we are experimenting with Blockchain for one of our products (Contractum)very seriously. We are hearing from our customers that they need a legal documentation solution that is completely secure, trusted, and transparent.”

Optimistic about the future of OneDelta, Murthy concludes “Ultimately, we want to remain ubiquitous in the LegalTech space. We will continue to be the harbinger of technology innovations for legal departments; enabling them to take their rightful place at the corporate boardroom table!”

Murthy Suravarapu,CEO,Onedelta Technology Solutions
Murthy is a Product Management professional with over 25 years of experience managing all business aspects in the life-cycle of technology products.

He completed his BE from Manipal, and an MBA from the US. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise, having worked at both MNCs as well as Startups, worldwide. His expertise is in Product Strategy, Brand Management, GTM Planning, Product Collateral Development, Content & Communications Strategy, and Strategic Partnerships.

At OneDelta, he obsesses over the customer centricity of the organization; structures and drives quarterly metrics for the Sales and Customer Support teams; and ensures a quality sales funnel by personally managing the Lead Generation team A man of words, Murthy's leadership mantra is 'Empower the team, provide vision, and take quick decisions”.

John E. Matheson, Chairman, Onedelta Technology Solutions
John is a technology and compliance lawyer based in Singapore, advising firms on ethics & compliance, legal & trade policy. His geo-focus is India and ASEAN. He joined OneDelta as a Board Advisor in September 2016 and became Chairman of the company in March 2017."

Prior to joining OneDelta, he spent more than 20 years in In-House counsel positions including as Associate General Counsel at Intel Corporation with responsibilities for Asia Pacific and Japan and also as Legal Policy head for India and ASEAN. He has also been a partner in an international law firm serving in the Hong Kong and Tokyo offices.

He is a consultant in the area of ethics and compliance, is a frequent conference speaker on the subject and serves on the boards of several companies in Asia. He holds LL.B, M.Sc.(Hons) degrees from the University of Canterbury and is admitted to practice in Hong Kong, England, Australia & New Zealand and formerly, as a licensed foreign attorney in Japan.
He was the recipient of Intel Corporation’s inaugural Worldwide Excellence Award for "Significant Impact, Proactive Thinking and Leadership in Ethics."

Kishen Gadicherla,CTO, OneDelta Technology Solutions
Kishen has 20+ years of experience in the software products industry. He has studied and worked in the US for a majority of his career before moving to India a few years ago. He held various senior management roles in companies at Convergys, Replicon, Comply Global, and more recently, Oracle. His core expertise lies in defining, delivering and launching mission-critical enterprise - grade products, capable of supporting millions of transactions, across verticals such as Telecom, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance and Transportation, and functional areas such as CRM, HRMS, and GRC.

Kishen Gadicherla, CTO

At OneDelta, Kishen heads Products & Technology to create a customer-centric organization that delivers outstanding user experience and innovation for the legal segment.

His leadership mantra is'Taking Risk, Honesty and Curiosity.'

OneDelta’s Flagship Offerings
Every business entity is required to abide by the law(s) as outlined by the various government bodies. This is the “why” of the overall problem statement of the need to be compliant. But the task of figuring out the“which”(laws), “how”(to comply), “when”(by which date)is a herculean task in itself.

This is why you need a Compliance Management Software. OneDelta’s Complius platform addresses these questions and provides you with a simple, intuitive user interface to automate your entire compliance management process. Some of the unique features of this product:

Access to latest law notices down to your city level – Trusted database of all laws, monitored by industry veteran lawyers in real-time. More than 10,000 compliances in the database already.

Auto Configured to your business activity & industry vertical – Proprietary algorithms ensure that only those laws that are applicable to your business are presented to you, with actionable notifications, trackers, and reminders

Lowest Cost Model – Complius is available as a subscription model[SaaS – software as a service], reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of staying compliant by moving this expense from CapEx to OpEx

Ease of Deployment – since this is a Cloud-based platform, there is no software to be installed, no expensive consultants to configure software (like ERP). To start your journey towards full compliance from day-one, all you need is an internet connection

Zero learning curve – Industry’s first comprehensive end-to-end email-integrated compliance management tool. No software to learn, no passwords to remember; start managing your compliances right from your existing email platform

Be Audit Ready – Generate custom reports on status of your compliances, and store all proofs in a repository for instant reporting; either on your computer or your smartphone

Every business has tons of documentation that needs to be generated, tracked, approved, and eventually stored. It becomes even more critical for the law departments in these entities to manage and monitor the legal implications of the obligations and liabilities outlined in contracts; a task that cannot be addressed by generic Document Management(DMS)or Contract Lifecycle Management(CLM)systems This is where Contractum truly comes to play. This is a custom built, legal-centric DMS+CLM solution that specifically caters to law departments. Some of its unique features:

Store – OneDelta’s proprietary Intelligent Document Repository(iDR) stores Store all prior documents [contracts, agreements, licenses,etc.] in a single location; with categorization feature that can be customized to suit the unique needs of your legal departments’ requirements,and built-in legal-centric features such as version control,search, abstraction,indexing, report generation ,etc.

Draft – Ability to create legal documents using predefined templates, with custom features such auto clause-library selection, digital signatures, etc.

Approvals – Email based document approval-workflows that can be customized to suit your organization’s reporting structure; extendable to include your vendors and customers alike.

Track & Report – Define obligations, provide reminders, monitor SLAs, etc. at a document level or consolidated reports by type of document, vendor, department, etc.