Tzar Aerospace Research Labs: Paving way for a New Era of Aerospace Design

Priyam Mohanty, Founder & CEO

Priyam Mohanty

Founder & CEO

The aerospace industry in India is at a turning point. Several research and estimates have predicted an exciting future for the industry. In the next 10 years, an estimated, INR 5 lakh crore($ 100 Billion) will be invested on acquisitions in the aerospace and defence sector in India. Top aerospace companies in India have a vital role in the world aerospace market. In recent years, many start-ups are emerging in the aerospace field and many top aerospace companies in the world are starting up their office in India. These boom in the aerospace industry has given a lot of new promising projects in this field. Tzar Aerospace Research Labs is one such aerospace technology start-up in India that works with the theme of designing and developing a conceptual unmanned Hypersonic Research Aircraft with new computational approaches and methods.

An innovative aerospace start-up that provides next-gen technology solutions to the commercial and civil clients, Tzar Aerospace strives to be a catalyst in the development, exploration, and commercialization of emerging aerospace markets by providing innovative, entrepreneurial aerospace solutions to commercial, civil, and military customers. The technical competencies of the company include product/system development, aerospace system design, rapid prototyping and business analysis.

The Genesis of Tzar Aerospace Research Labs
When passion meets purpose is the thought triggered behind the formation of Tzar Aerospace Research Labs. In the early days, Priyam Mohanty had a distinct plan in his mind to establish an aerospace company in about ten years’ time. Keeping this target, he began experiencing the way of approaching engineering problems in different working cultures. This involved R&D establishment (National Aerospace Laboratories), OEMs (Safran Aerospace India), MNCs (Assystem Group), Indian IT majors (Tech Mahindra) and Universities (Cranfield University) to deal with future stakeholders in the said venture. Ultimately the experience led to the establishment of Tzar Aerospace Research Labs - registered at Cuttack in December 2016.

“We were fully aware that system development with innovative approach or value-added services is the latest success tune and we decided to go with the flow. Rather than just providing engineering services support to different customers, we directed our focus on different technology development programs and systems of system developments initiatives which are real differentiator to the current Indian Engineering services market in aerospace and defence industry. We have successfully executed and filed more than 15 patents in Aerospace, Renewable Energy and Mechanical sciences, in order to create a 360-degree impact on
potential clients,” Priyam informs.

Tzar Aerospace during the initial days had its own share of difficulties – something not so new for any start-up. Being a start-up in Odisha region, it was difficult to sustain. Elaborating on this, Priyam says, “The government is very progressive in nature and stimulates the development of start-up culture here in Odisha but the difficulty lies in educating the society to take risk and rise. It is no less than a task to converge with young mindsets for delivering better synergy. But we are glad that things are changing very rapidly to start with.”

" With The Best Network Of Aerospace Professionals Across India, Tzar Aerospace Is Associated With Highly Reputed Technocrats, Bureaucrats, Business Professionals And Public Profiles"

He further adds, “Also due to the early financial crunch, we had severe shortage of man hours to continue the operations. Eventually, our small team began extending their stay in office - beyond 12-15 hours per day to support voluntarily. We have been extremely supported by more than 50 experienced professionals across disciplines. We have taken this spirit in a mission mode. Now we are very stable and able company to deliver any technical challenges in aerospace and defence sectors.” It is worthy to note that despite the early big fails, team Tzar Aerospace has stood strong back with best possible determination every time to deal with and that is their DNA.

To enable the ability to develop great understandings in more than one disciplines followed by correlating facts and figures, the company has developed few proprietary brain training exercises for the newly joined engineers. These exercises are likely to continue for one year to develop thinking state of mind.

Winners do things Differently!
Team Tzar Aerospace takes immense pride in meeting and exceeding their client’s expectations in on-time delivery and quality. The team works with the objective of achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction. “As a company, we are quite aggressive and very focused. It is our hunger for innovation and design thinking as our backbone that generates many IPs in allied aerospace, defence sciences,” he mentions. With the best network of aerospace professionals across India, Tzar Aerospace is associated with highly reputed technocrats, bureaucrats, business professionals and public profiles. Currently, there are 15 direct and indirect professionals associated with Tzar aerospace on full time basis and has catered to large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), State/National Research Establishments and MNCs (Multi-National Companies) and Universities, amongst others.

Currently, Tzar Aerospace is engaging with clients for Engineering Services, Product & System Development, Education & Training, After Market Support and Technology Development Program(TDPs). Looking at the future, team Tzar Aerospace believes in targeting both market penetration concepts that are creating a future market and at the same time, addressing current market gaps to emerge as global aerospace and defence technology leader. “As per our sustainability strategy, both business model must
go hand in hand,” Priyam says.

With the noble thought of Let's collaborate and innovate to share a common goal beyond boundaries for betterment of society, Tzar Aerospace indicates a bright future in the world of aerospace design!

Key Management
Priyam Mohanty, Founder& CEO
Priyam is a Cranfield University Alumnus with 10years of work experience in Aerospace industry. An aggressive and focused mind to cater challenging engineering solutions with highly motivated and skilled professional, he believes in Generation Z working culture offering flexible office timings, mentor and get mentored, to learn new skills, take risk, work independently and prefer in person communication.

As per his understandings, the leadership style is relative in nature. To address current market gap, he believes there is a need to follow democratic style to encourages creativity coupled with authoritarian style to be made quick decision where, the team input is not a necessary factor for a successful outcome. He also thinks that to address creating new market, transformational leadership is required to share vision of the upcoming and uses successful communication tool to reach out to the team.

Panel 1:
As a leader, Priyam follows the mantras of –
. Novelty & All Knowledge
. Drive & Persistence
. Great Intuition & Trust
. Networking & Positivity
. Fluid Intelligence & Spatial Reasoning
. Great intention to enhance Intelligent Quotient(IQ), Emotional Quotient(EQ), Explore Quotient(EQ)and Grit Quotient(GQ)
. Technology and Location mapping followed by Research direction are very critical for business success

Panel 2:
The Unique Services of Tzar Aerospace for Aerospace, Space and defence sectors -
. Engineering Services(Design, Structure substantiation, Computer Aided Engineering, System integration and other related activities)
. Product developments, systems of system developments and creation of technical IPs
. Education and Training(Offering specialise courses in Aerospace science, joint post graduate diploma, technical consulting in research paper publish, OJT On job training) for engineering students, amongst others)
. After market Support(Repair engineering solutions for both minor repair and major repair of Aero Structures)
. Developments of TDPs(Technology development programs)for National/State Research establishments,OEMs

Panel 3:
A Glimpse of Tzar Aerospace's growth
. Projected revenue for the financial year 2018-2019, will be more than 1000 Crores, in Indian rupees
. Projected workforce for the financial year 2018-2019, will be more than 250
. Projected client for the financial year 2018-2019, will be more than 25
. Intended Geographical expansion for the financial year 2018-2019, will be in USA (Washington DC and California), India (Bhubaneswar and Bangalore), Singapore