1699 Studio: Gamifying the Forgotten Chronicles of Indian History

Dhanpreet Singh Bevli,FounderThe journey began in 2013 when Dhanpreet Singh Bevli and Sahil Gupta were spearheading an IT tech firm called Init Call Technologies. While they created some of the best cutting-edge technology mobile & web application platforms, along the way, the duo stumbled upon an interesting opportunity, that is, ‘developing games based on three hundred-year-old Indian histories’. “Everyone knows the story of Superman, Iron-man, and other fictional characters. But, when it comes to validating contents of our Indian history? There are hardly a few!” avers Dhanpreet.

Assembling a team of experienced designers, game developers, and artists, in 2016 1699 Studio entered the mobile-app game development space. There after, what started as a pilot project to study the market and response of the users, in a short span of time, their first game named ‘Baba Banda Singh Bahadur’,a game about a Punjabi warrior became a sensational hit among the gaming enthusiasts, where by the game has gained half a million downloads across various
channels. And, the brains behind the success of this innovative game leads to Babli Singh from Shemaroo for entire concept and visualization, Raveen Khurana for his innovative ideas, Amit Shekand (Project Manager), Rakesh Singh Parihar(Developer),Shreya Kochar(Game Designer), Rachna Negi, Neeraj Singh, Gaurav Singh (Artists), Nisha Vaish (Web Development), Naveen Jangra (iOS Development),Sanjay Bisht, Devender Mer, and Rajesh Tiwari(Android Development).

A lot of users have acknowledge to 1699 studio’s game and have stated that they have learnt everything about the history of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, just by playing the game

The Success Story of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur
Without any advertisements or promotions of any sort, 1699 Studio’s Baba Banda Singh Bahadur has achieved immense popularity in India and abroad. Sharing personal views about the game, Dhanpreet says “Every parent wants their kids to learn their culture and history, and reading from books is boring for today’s generation and Games makes them interact with history and its perfect way to teach them at ease.”
In fact, a lot of users haveacknowledged to 1699 studio’s game and have stated that they have learned everything about the history of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, just by playing the game. This is the impact 1699 Studio is adding in the space at the moment. “We are getting a lot of testimonials from people residing in UK, US, and Canada, as they are really interested to know the history and culture of the ancient past of India. And, we are working in full swing to create newer games that will disrupt the gaming industry, once and for all.”

The Future of Games is the All about the Past
Sailing against the wind, 1699 Studio has carved a niche in the industry by developing the most comprehensive games that are known to enrich the overall experience of the users. “By 2020, we are planning to launch four games and eight apps. However at the moment we have launched three apps, which include internet radio station, Sikh diary and more. Also, in the upcoming days, we are going to launch a game on Surya Putra Karan, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, and others,” states Dhanpreet.

Growing its user-base slowly and steadily at 15 percent MoM, 1699 Studio is all set to capture the gaming market with its quality content and games in the near future. “Knowing for a fact about the Population and the Smartphone penetration, India is definitely the biggest market for mobile gaming, compared to rest of the world. And, we are here to remain ubiquitous in this niche space,” ends Dhanpreet, optimistically.