Hidoc Dr. A Premium Medical Leaning Platform For Doctors

Dr. Rajesh Gadia, Co-Founder & Managing Director,    Varun Gadia, Co-Founder & COO

Varun Gadia, Co-Founder & COO

High-quality content is everything. Influencing the influencers in the modern-age digital healthcare is the need of the hour and doctors have become the most important influencers, of all times. The future of digital healthcare relies upon building an ecosystem that delivers collaboration, communication, and cooperation in the medical community, where the doctors /physicians have easy access to premium quality content - a platform that empowers Doctors with real-time education and point-of care second-opinions can drastically change the whole scenario of the healthcare industry.

Successful in bringing the same to life, Pune-based Hidoc Dr. takes great pride in its work, where it has built a mobile application from scratch that is purely developed, curated and designed by Doctors, for Doctors to seek and share second-opinions and ideas on a particular case.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of other apps which fails to provide high-quality content to their users, and this has reduced the belief of doctors in digital healthcare,” mentions Dr. Rajesh Gadia, on a serious note. That is where Hidoc Dr. comes into the picture, where it is said to shape the future of digital healthcare in the country, and across the globe.

A New Wave in the Digital Healthcare Landscape
The lack of such facilities in the Indian market and the rise in medical cases that required expert advice, on a regular basis, intrigued Varun Gadia & Dr. Rajesh Gadia to start Hidoc Dr. Moreover, Dr. Rajesh Gadia was always into providing opinions to the patients and was eager to take it onto a whole new level.

That was just the start of Hidoc Dr.,where the co-founders were instrumental in setting up one of India’s first digital learning platforms for doctors in December 2017. “As a start-up, the competition was a big hurdle, which always tried stopping us penetrate in the market, however, overcoming them seamlessly, today, we are a renowned name in the market,” states Varun Gadia, Co-Founder & COO, Hidoc Dr., confidently. hurdle, which always tried stopping us penetrate in the market, however, overcoming them seamlessly, today, we are a renowned name in the market,” states Varun Gadia,Co-Founder & COO, Hidoc Dr.,confidently.

That was possible because of the interest and inclination of Dr. Rajesh Gadia to uplift the company in all the situations, and making everyone believe in the success of Hidoc Dr. Today, Hidoc Dr. is one of the most fast-moving platforms to have a 99 percent satisfaction rate and 10 x improvements in daily learning for Doctors and medical professionals. It is, used by Doctors from leading institutions such as BJ Medical College (Pune), JJ Hospital (Mumbai), AIIMS, CMC (Vellore), KGM (Lucknow), PGI (Chandigarh), Aga Khan University among others.

Most importantly, the platform is, trusted by 100+ verified healthcare professionals from 170 counties. Currently, it is one of the highest raked networking and learning platform for healthcare professionals in 50+ countries. Also, it is supported by multiple leading associations that include ISSCM, ISA, IMA, API, IAP, PDA, AOI and others. Recently, the company was, nominated as one of the top 50 smart Healthcare companies in Asia.

What’s More?
Hidoc Dr. believes in providing the best in the class learning experience through its content shared on the app, daily by thousands of doctors. “This is what we want to retain, forever – the quality!” asserts Varun, “Apart from content, we have thousands of case discussions, past cases, and proved-learning series to learn and sharpen the medical knowledge, daily. Also, we have interesting quizzes and online CME’s that can be accessed by all,” he smiles.

Most importantly, compared to other plat-forms, Hidoc Dr. supports 100 percent patient privacy with 24Hrs verification of content and healthcare professionals. In terms of networking, Hidoc Dr. social network provides doctors a platform to get a second opinion from over 75,000 doctors network
discussing more than 100000+ medical cases.

In addition to this, Hidoc Dr. offers easy access to detailed MD, and DM researched Articles across Medical Journals and Magazines on various Medical Diseases and its symptoms, complications, treatment, and prevention. Hidoc Dr. consists of articles from leading journals across the world.

"Recently, the company was, nominated as one of the top 50 smart Healthcare companies in Asia"

Today, Hidoc Dr. has become a go-to app for doctors and medical students across all specialization to discuss exhaustive medical cases in their network, where more than 500 cases are posted daily on the platform. The specializations ranges from Ayurveda, to Homeopathy, Cardiology, Critical Care, Dermatology, ENT, Endo-crinology, Diabetology, General or Family Physician, Gastroenterology, Haematology, Neurology, Gynaecology, IVF, Orthopaedics ,Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Pulmonary Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, Rheuma-tology, Surgery, Unani, Urology and many more. Simplifying it to the next level, Hidoc Virtual clinics have multiple on-going learning series/categories such as X-ray, ECG, Blood Pressure, Dengu,TB, Mnemonics,Pharmacology, Medical Anomalies, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Surgery, and Medico-Legal.

Dr. Rajesh Gadia & Varun Gadia
Further streamlining a seamless experience, Hidoc Dr. brings Online Continuous Medical Learning (CME) from Doctors across the country on 100+ topics. Also, keeping it more interesting and engaging, the platform conducts weekly Quizzes to test user’s Medical knowledge where the winners win prizes on a weekly basis.

Feeling contended, a man of robust medical experience and a unique perspective to the idea of digital healthcare, Dr. Rajesh Gadia speaks “We have always focused on providing world-class content on the App. Moreover, the thing that gives us immense pleasure is our growth projection, which has remained upward moving right from our inception days. The biggest achievement for Hidoc Dr. is its array of services that we have incorporated in our platform, and also at the same time the number of doctors that we have on-boarded on our application. It is massive.”

The Journey Ahead of Hidoc Dr.
Pune-based Hicdoc Dr. is optimistic about its future. With three core values of consistency, compatibility, and confi-dence,the team believes in constantly providing high-quality content and value proposition to its clients and users.

“Apart from this, we believe in long term relationships,rather than lifelong relation-ships with our associates. Talking about confidence, we feel ready to tackle every hurdle and overcome the obstacles with faith in our team and success,” says Varun, modestly.

He further adds “Having said that, we take calculated risk and are compatible with changing the marketplace. Our culture is defined, by these core values.” Dr. Rajesh throwing light on the same speaks “Pune has been a good space for healthcare with experienced people across various tech-nical roles. Moreover, Doctors in Pune have shown to be receptive to newer technologies.”

“Additionally, as Pune is an educational capital, most Doctors have shown love for learning platform such as ours. By focusing on HQ content, today, we are the largest learning platform for Doctors in Pune, and one of the fastest growing in India,” he adds, startlingly.

The Way Forward
Initially, the company did have moderate growth, but today it has grown multifold in all dimensions. Currently, Hidoc Dr. has a presence across 170+ nations with 75,000 doctors using the platform on an everyday . basis. In the last one and a half year, this growth as a startup is quite remarkable.

Following a lean methodology, the team works in any given situation and environ-ment, effortlessly. Positive about the future of Hidoc
Dr., Varun concludes “We want to become one of the biggest digital platforms for the doctors and will be onboarding half a million doctors by the end of 2020. We feel ready for our targets.”

Team Hidoc Dr.

Varun Gadia, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Office Associate– Novartis, Texas
Varun Has Worked As An Mba Associate At Novartis, Where He Was Responsible For R&D Project Valuation For A Period Of Six Months, And Further Extending His Career In A Leadership Role In The Global Financial Planning Department For About Eight Months Prior Returning To India.

Chief Investment Officer, William C.Conner Educational Investment Fund,Texas
Varun Started His Investments Career At The Endowment Fund As An Analyst And Later Was, Promoted To The Chief Investment Officer Position.

Project Management, Perennial Systems.
Varun Started His Career At Perennial Systems Where He Worked As A Business Analyst & Amp; Project Manager. He Managed And Released 120+Projects Across All Domains.

Throughout His Professional Stint, Varun Has Had A Diverse Experience In Managing & Releasing More Than 120 It Projects, Moreover, Experience At Novartis (R&D Valuation & Planning) Along-With Money Management At An Endowment Fund. Under His Leader-ship, He Is Set Out To Achieve Success In Both Brand Awareness & Sales. In Every Function Due To His Exceptional Execution Skills, The Company Has Been Able To Provide A High-Quality Product With Highly Relevant Content That Has Helped Hidocdr. Achieve The #1Trending MedicalAppStatus In25+ Countries.

Dr.Rajesh Gadia,Co-Founder & Managing Director,Hidoc Dr.
Dr. Rajesh Gadia, Managing Director, Infedis Infotech Llp Has 30 Years Clinical Experience And 24 Years Intensive And Critical Care Experience. He Is One Of The Most Renowned Physicians In The Country. Dr. Rajesh Gadia Founded Hidoc Dr. With The Intent To Excel Quality Education Among Doctors Across All Specializations. He Realized The Need For Peer To Peer Education, Along With Locally Relevant Research Articles And Videos. Hidoc Dr. Promotes Doctor Learning Through Excep-tional Detailed Case Dis-cussions, Medical Articles And Medical Videos.

Most Importantly, Dr. Gadia’s Experience Has Assisted In Seeing Patients From Multiple Geographies And Educating Doctors Across The Globe. He’s One Of The Most Premier Kol’s On Infectious Disease, Cardiology, Diabetology And Internal Medicine.If Not Himself He’s An Ideal Representation Of One Of The Most Dedicated Medical Professionals In India Today. Due To His Experiences He Clearly understands The Right Content To Educate Medical Professionals.

Interesting Facts About Hidoc Dr.
At Hidoc Dr., Dr. Gadia Is Responsible For Hq Content On The App Including Cases, Learning Series, Videos & Other Hq Content. All The Articles And Content Are, Curated By Dr. Gadia. He Takes A Keen Interest In Curating Every Piece Of Content Shared On The App & Social Media. Therefore, Hidoc Dr. Has The Highest Quality Of Content For Doctors.

Varun Gadia, On The Other Hand, Is Respon-sible For Product Management, Sales & Marke-ting Along With Brand Awareness. He Has A Keen Attention To Detail And Sets The Vision For Product, Sales & Brand Awareness Targets Of The Company. Also, He TakesCare Of All The Marketing Activities, There by Focusing On Creating Brand Awareness.

Additionally, All Communication Sent From The Hidoc Dr. Team Including Promotional Material Is Neatly Curated To correctly Represent The Hidoc Dr. Brand Asthe Most Preferred Learning Platform For Doctors.

At Hidoc Dr. More Than 1000+ Second Opinions Are Provided Daily. Hidoc Dr. Assists In Saving 100+ Lives Daily. Doctors Using Hidoc Dr. Have Compared The App To Google Scholar & A Virtual Classroom. They Currently Use Hidoc Dr. More Than Any Medical Book, Journal, Conference Or Magazine For Day To Day Learning.