D Square: Forget the Spider’s Way, Be Fast

Chaitanya Reddy Katta,Co-Founder & CEO

Chaitanya Reddy Katta

Co-Founder & CEO

2013 was mere five days old when ‘Westin Hotels & Resorts’, a hotel chain with 1100 plus branches all over the globe desired to do something trendy & innovative for the cosmic number of customers they have. The company entailed a customized website for its clients to order food online from the moment they arrive at the airport. And by the time they reach hotel, the ordering formalities will be completed and the ordered food will be directly delivered to them. Westin was looking for a platform to integrate with their existing systems and needed a tailor-made-budget, retaining the supreme quality. The abstract was on-boarded and piloted by a Website Design & Development startup, D Square Tech Labs.

The solution, which reaped the appreciation from global head of Westin, was delivered in just 40 days from the date of commencement. The platform built using PHP & MYSQL was embraced and installed in 1100 Westin hotels across the continents. “Our approach itself is our main USP. We give optimal solution to clients with faster
delivery and taking their budgets into consideration as well. Client’s satisfaction is our topmost priority and thus we provide them the best solutions through experts and skilled professionals,” asserts Chaitanya Reddy Katta, Co-Founder & CEO, D Square Tech Labs.

D Square stands unique with its cutting-edge design, the work process template and exceptional delivery time

Standing Unique

No more ‘wow’ factor left when someone spells ‘Website development’ nowadays, but still the fragment is just another exigency of modern era’s online trade& brand concepts. Thus, D Square stands unique with its cutting-edge design, the work process template and exceptional delivery time. The organization is an elixir for the ‘booming-now’ IT sector and e-Commerce because of its cost effectiveness, open-source application nature and high-speed project realization. The high speed delivery is not a norm word with D Square; the organization takes the ‘Im’ out of ‘Impossible’ through its research lab, where five people are dedicated to explore tech-breeds on a daily basis.

With a vision to engage with long term business models and innovative partnerships by assisting
the clients through their business
growth, the Reddy brothers (Thejesh & Chaitanya) co-founded D square in 2011. With its presence in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Texas, the company serves outright all the verticals including Branding, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Application and Financial services. The company has a client database of almost 1000 plus, which includes Nokia, Spe polymers, Briden Brideg room and Vijaya Diary.

The Workforce

The simple and typical startup work culture followed in D Square is free from fixed timings, while the liberal leave and HR policies ensure that the employees are only driven by work. The robust training system of the organization is literally a skill development centre, which includes communication and soft skill programs. In terms of technology involvement, the company seeks suggestions from everyone and takes the decisions collectively.

The bold-black future sketches of the organization say only one thing, ‘Involve with brand-new technologies everyday’. “Currently our prime concern is IoT, the future technology which is going to hit the market in the next five years. The research on the platform is ongoing and our folks are determined to make the max out of it. We are planning to launch the IoT based solutions by early 2017,” adjoins Chaitanya. The ongoing blueprints of the company also include engagement with the public Wi-Fi systems.