Amnet Digital: Driving Tech Transformation

Krishna Reddy,CEOForbes estimates that the global Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning market is expected to reach $20.83B in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 44.06 per cent between 2017 and 2024. Identifying this emerging need and the vacuum in the current technology space in the global marketspace, the genesis of Amnet Digital, the brainchild of Krishna Reddy transpired.

Amnet Digital focuses on product development with the latest technologies such as AI, ML, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation, and others to transforms brand operations. Other focus areas are Advanced Analytics, Data Management and eCommerce. As a company that is concentrating on the treads of the IT, it is helping it’s associates to deal with challenging requirements of the clients. “Dealing with this ever-evolving technology makes everything engrossing. The algorithms and solutions we offer makes the work more challenging, letting our associates stay motivated on a continuous path to learn and grow.” says Krishna Reddy, CEO.

Krishna also realizes that Amnet Digital as an AI/ML based product development company requires different approach from the archetypal software company model and must be treated as an entirely new business model. This may require a totally different playbook. While Amnet Digital maintains an intense focus on technical expertise, they are engaged with equal intensity to create an environment that engenders excellence. One of the major hurdles faced by Amnet Digital was to put together a strong team of technology experts, but having over two decades of experience, along with a strong professional network certainly helped Krishna overcome this hurdle with aplomb. He takes extreme pride in his strong 40+ team of data scientists, data visualizers, data analysts, & data engineers, whom he calls his second family.

The company located in the heart of Hyderabad at HITEC City, Hyderabad, offers the best infrastructure, facilities, and cozy work environment, while also ensuring a good work-life balance by providing them an option of flexi working hours. Amnet Digital emphasizes on having a “flat hierarchy,” where successes are celebrated, mistakes are considered to be portals of discovery, and an open-door policy is highly encouraged.

For a company that is still in its infancy, Amnet has already foraged a partnership with Fortune-200 companies. Since its inception in October 2019, Amnet Digital has witnessed an incremental growth in projects by over 60 per cent. The team takes utmost pride in having a 100 per cent client satisfaction.
The absence of a dedicated sales team and all their projects sourced through referrals bears testimony to the company’s expertise, strong ethics and work culture. Amnet Digital has already ensured a strong presence in US, Europe & Middle Eastis looking forward to streamlining the projects and successfully executing them.

Krishna plans on expanding the company early next year and is hoping to attain a head count of 100+. He is sourcing for a bigger office space to match the increasing team count. On this note, echoing the sentiments of Mark Cuban, “Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning—whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it—learn it. Because otherwise you’re going to be a dinosaur within three years,” Krishna says.

Amnet Data Culture
Working at Amnet promises to be the most daunting yet rewarding experiences of your career. Not only is the environment fast-paced and lean, the growth scale that you witness can be brisk. “We are very hands-on when working on solutions, which is immensely exciting for our teams,” adds Valli Suryadevara, a program manager at Amnet Digital. “It’s all about finding what clicks for you, whether it is high tech, AI, machine learning or being a team leader. The fulfilment of witnessing rapid adoption, scale and tech influence inside many large organizations is a goal in itself for more tech enthusiasts,” she adds. There is intense focus on experience-based learning at Amnet Digital. You can actually apply what you pick up from a class. Regardless of which niche you focus on, there’s always something you can learn while working on tech solutions.

Amnet Digital offers a wide range of benefits and perks on high quality talent besides a world class working infrastructure and environment. The fact that the engineers get to engage with top-tier clients and deliver on projects, that can make a big difference on the clients’ road to transformation, is a bonus.

Data Driven Mindset
The active ingredient at Amnet is a well inculcated data driven mindset all through their engagement with all stakeholders. Nishant the lead Data Scientist at Amnet believes that this mindset is helping Amnet solve complex problems for their clients. “We adopt a bottom-up approach starting with strategy support through discovery and analysis of existing systems and processes and their limitations, identify opportunities through design of data lakes and performing analysis, develop models and propose the solution engineering.” Such an approach maximises the leverage of knowledge and results in higher value generation for the clients.

Amnet also brings the diversity of experience of different domains. “We blend our knowledge of diverse business domains and deep expertise in AI/ML and Advanced Analytics to solve complex business problems,” he added.

At the Leading Edge
If you are challenged to learn on your own and take the lead on projects, if you have to overcome obstacles and need someone to guide, Amnet Digital is a great start. There is ample room for growth, and access to continuous learning needed to maximize your opportunities and take charge of your career. “Associates get feedback, guidance and advice besides the encouragement to step out of their comfort zone,” said Krishna as he signed off

Krishna Reddy, Ceo
While Krishna has been formally employed for over two decades, he started working right from his school days! Being selfreliant and self-disciplined is deeply ingrained in his psyche by his mother, who was an educator. A well-rounded professional, Krishna has an excellent grasp of strategy, execution, technology, and people. He has the innate ability to juggle all these components, to bring about the best outcome for all the stakeholders involved.

He has been instrumental in the growth of organisations he was associated with prior to Amnet Digital. Krishna has been relentlessly engaged in discovering new opportunities and then untiringly pursuing them to fruition. An asset for sure, as he globe-trots helping his clients succeed. Over the past decade, Krishna has been actively involved in forging new technologies and introducing them to Indian landscape.