MilliPixels : Nesting A Positive Work Environment Where People Love Working

Harjeet Singh Gulati ,Founder & CEOIf you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers, and your business will take care of itself,” so said an American entrepreneur and businessperson, J. Willard Marriott. It is this ethos that reflects in the workplace environment at MilliPixels, helping it to stand out in a crowd. While several startups pop up with small & young teams and working long & hard hours, the company seems to love walking a different path where it is surrounded by the best minds in the industry along with the flexibility to work-from-anywhere policy. It has nested a positive, balanced, and employee-friendly workplace culture with a bunch of cushy benefits. The most crucial part of the organization’s culture is trust.

MilliPixels neither believes in micromanaging its people nor defining too many restrictions around how they work. It’s all about results! It’s all about getting it together!

Holistic development of the employee’s potential is what MilliPixels’ focus on. Thus, to keep its people engaged and motivated, the company has built an in-house lounge area where they can unwind in between their work. It also has a 1200-seated cafe with multicuisine food, which is available every day. Recharge rooms are the next trend employees need in a startup. Therefore, the company offers benefits such as game rooms, swimming pools, and more. It also provides them with outdoor adventure activities like hiking. The company conducts several collaborative meetings at the convenience of working within/ outside the office, at the client’s location, and even through video conferencing. It takes utmost care to develop its employees both personally and professionally, and their facilities within the organization.

MilliPixels boosts the morale of its people by providing training to enhance their communication skills, encouraging them to participate in various national and international events & conferences for the best industrial exposure. Also, the
collaborative environment within the company is very collegial, where the employees don’t miss the fun part.

It conducts festival celebrations at the office premises and offers its people with more than one month paid leave in a year to celebrate festivals with their family and friends. Harjeet Singh Gulati, the company’s Founder & CEO, says “Our workplace environment doesn’t encourage late-night sitting. It’s all the creative work that we do. You can’t produce great results when you work under pressure.

We take several initiatives to help our people to develop their capabilities in the best possible way.” Employees as Brand Ambassadors Employees at MilliPixels are mostly seasoned veterans with 15+ years of experience in the industry who are directly in touch with the clients. The experience they bring to the table helps the company in empathizing with the clients’ requirements and ability to design and deliver top-notch solutions. Harjeet firmly believes that one needs to have a maturity level and an emotional quotient to deal with clients’ situations.

MilliPixels is an aspirational place to work for those people who are willing to continuously work on improving themselves to deliver the best outcomes for their clients as well as for the organization.

Millipixel works collaboratively with fortune 500 companies and funded startups to deliver immersive brand experiences and transformational technology

And above all, intellectual honesty plays a crucial role in the company. “It’s a two-way road. If an employee puts its honest efforts to give his/her best to the organization, then he/ she can expect the organization to give its best back to them. This is something we are expecting and committing to as well. Growth has to be on top of one’s mind when looking to join us,” he adds. A Company Overview MilliPixels established in 2017, is an experience-led interactive solutions company that draws on the proven experience of its people to navigate around the digital landscape. The company works collaboratively with Fortune 500 companies and funded startups to deliver immersive brand experiences and transformational technology projects with finesse and on-time. It is also working with healthcare applications. Leveraging employee engagement for competitive advantage, MilliPixel is planning to offer best-of-breed products, and expand globally in the coming years.

Harjeet Singh Gulati,Founder & Ceo
With a stellar career spanning 24 years, harjeet has been at the forefront of digital innovation, helping clients adapt, build, and grow their businesses globally. From startups to global corporations, he has a track record of delivering innovation that few can match.

Harjiv Kaur, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Success Officer
Harjiv’s career spans 15+ years in the technology industry. In her current role, she is responsible for ensuring the alignment of all organizational systems to ensure successful rollout of the products and technology initiatives at client sites, with a strong focus on innovation and metrics-based value delivery.