Stick Pool Club: Online Pool Gaming Arena conducting Real Money Games

Vivek Singh, Director  & Chanchal Kurele,  Co-Founder,Entertainment Which Pays You Back, Play & Win Cash Anytime, Anywhere. The game of snooker, billiard or especially 8 Ball Pool has long been an interest of the young generation of Indians where they have formed pool clubs across all major cities but that also comes with certain limitations of time and approach that restricts players from playing in these clubs. Stick Pool Club seeks to go beyond these limitations and provide them with an opportunity to enjoy their game anytime, anywhere with cash earnings along with entertainment. Our Focus: Building a worldwide Real Money Casual gaming platform for the masses. The prime focus is to develop, publish and distribute highly engaging games for an incredibly wide audience across mobile, social and other online platforms in India & Cross Border. Stick Pool Club India’s First Real Money 8 Ball Pool game was launched in Aug 2018. It is a multiplayer skill-gaming app where one can challenge random online users or invite friends/family for a match of Pool. Being India’s first 8-ball pool online multiplayer game the company has reached 3.19 million registered user marks within the first year, every second, 2 games are played on our platform which records a GMV of $11.06M. Indian Mobile gaming revenues are set to reach $1.1 billion by 2020,
“We wanted to devise a place where people could enjoy the gameplay and compete with a wide range of players with different mindset and game play strategy across the country while playing for incentives that funnel their energy and enhance their entertainment experience. We have recently added another feather to our crown wherein we launched the Online Poker” says Chanchal Kurele, co-founder Stick Pool Club.

Stick Pool Club, a Bootstrapped Startup making Net Profits aims to build, publish and distribute highly engaging Real Money Casual Gaming Platform or the masses worldwide

Addressing the challenges
The journey has not been a walk in the park and we had to mitigate multiple challenges. Since the Indian market is moving from a conservative space to an open one, it becomes difficult to gain positive stature at gallop. We had to plod a little to reach diverse audiences and meet their expectations to a fair extent. On a positive note, the changing scenario is enabling us to make a mark in the space. “Our focus has been to enhance player involvement not only in gaming but also in its development. We have 24x7 support and a data-centric approach for our players to redress any issues that might arise during or after gameplay,” he adds.

The company has a team of highly talented individuals who enjoy discussing and devising ideas to ensure they create games for the Enjoyment, strategy, thrill which adds New & Fun elements to it. They designed games that are enjoyed by many across the country. The positive feedback encourages them to work harder towards fulfilling their objectives. “We have a brilliant team that is focused on skill-based games like Poker and Pool and many more are in the pipeline. As a team, we try our level best to enable our customers to play the best hand when they are playing with us. Hence this is our motto and tries to deliver on those lines,” added Vivek Singh co-founder Stick Pool Club.
In the near future, Stick Pool Club aims to try its hand in the different e-sports sector and become the leading e-sports platform. It has been intending to institute Live Poker Tables, Tournaments, TV show, Club Wars Create Team Clubs and Other such ventures.