Stock2Track: Leveraging Technology to Simply Sales with a Seamless POS System

Pavan Muppalla,   CEOTechnology has moved in leaps and bounds and it is no secret that technological development can take over manual tasks and help improve productivity. In our everyday lives, we often encounter sales representatives using computers and mobile devices to assist shoppers in stores. This is clearly an innovation in the retail market scenario where merchants use POS (Point-of-sale) systems in their daily operations. It streamlines the shopping experience, strengthens efficiency, manages stock effectively, maintains price consistency, optimizes the checkout process and generates accurate reports.

Stock2Track is a complete POS solution provider which makes sales, purchases and customer management easy. It offers multi location inventory management with role-based access and seamlessly integrates with POS devices and eComm platforms. Founded in 2017, Catchus. in started with the mission to help small to medium scale retail stores who lacked automation systems or had fragmented systems in place that really did not work effectively. According to Pavan Muppalla, CEO, We have a promising software but more than that, the USP of our product is its ease of use. Another thing is

it is affordable we have kept the price very low so that people can afford it and start using it quickly.

So that's where we have seen a lot of people coming in to us asking for our software to automate their stores.” It was observed by the founders that a lot of small-scale retail owners bought the hardware without the knowledge of the software. But with, they ensured that both the hardware and software were integrated as a single solution. Within the software, there are two types of services one is the offline or the LANversion and the other is the cloud version. For small single stores, the offline version is recommended, but for a chain of stores, the cloud version is recommended.

With solid vision and an integral passion to find solutions, is ready to scale higher and achieve land marks in the near future seamlessly and with gusto’s Stock2Track technology is an effective Inventory Management Software and can be used as Billing Software or POS Software for various industries like Billing software for Garments, Billing Software for Shops and Supermarkets, Billing Software for Furniture Shops, Billing Software for Electronics, Billing Software for Footwear, Billing Software for Bookstores and many more. Their solution includes the following Hardware POS Bill Printers, Barcode Scanners, POS Touch Screen, Barcode Printers, POS Cash Drawers, Payment Swipe Machines, Pole Display and Magnetic and RFID readers. has four major teams. Apart from the technical team, there is the business analyst team, which does the retail market study and analysis. Added to that there is a team which is dedicated to accounts. And finally, there is the support staff team. The leadership team has average 20 years of experience. As the next part of their journey, Catchus. in is planning to spread across the eCommerce domain and integrate eCommerce with the POS software. That way they will be able to address a larger market which actually wants to sell their products.

With solid vision and an integral passion to find solutions, is ready to scale higher and achieve landmarks in the near future seamlessly and with gusto.