StratLytics: Analytics with Intelligence

In the current market place where customers and business partners have ample choices to make, there visibly exists a paucity of quality consulting firms that truly use the power of analytics to drive business strategies. StratLytics has invested in building a solid team which has the right mix of domain experience, machine learning skills and consulting skills to make it happen.A management consulting firm with analytics focus, Stratlytics’ strategy consultants partner with the clients to improve performance through predictive analytics, statistical modelling and machine learning techniques.

Debasmit Mohanty,Founder & CEO
Debasmit Mohanty, Founder & CEO

Management consulting is dominated by large companies such as McKinsey, Bain et al. While they are being successful using top-down approach by understanding business processes, many times the execution requires adoption of bottom-up approach which requires data-driven analytics by the client organisations to execute the strategy. StratLytics tries to bridge the gap in execution of analytics to drive strategy for businesses to achieve superior business results.

The Foundation Story
Odisha based StratLytics is the brainchild of Debasmit Mohanty. Through his work experience at large multinational institutions, he found out that evidently the pace at which data is being collected is outpacing the ability of organization to analyse them. Most of the data generated are unstructured and at real-time which is not analysed by the organisations to make decisions. He then zeroed in setting up his own venture to help businesses make sense of untapped unstructured data for decision making. This marked the beginning of StratLytics in 2015.

" In the last three years, StratLytics has grown at a CAGR of 40 percent with sole focus on the U.S. market"

“We have hired associates with sound educational background in quantitative disciplines such as statistics, mathematics, finance or engineering. We have invested in creating a big data lab where research is carried out in the area of machine learning on big data using Hadoop technology,” speaks Debasmit.

Still in formative years, the company has seen solid traction in terms of clients, revenue and their solution offerings. “The initial challenge was to get clients in absence of the brand. We proved our mettle in the first year with couple of successful projects and we started gaining clients with referrals,” he says.

The Silver Lining
StratLytics is backed by a team of analytics industry veterans with over 20 years of field experience. The highly qualified team has
developed intellectual property related to modelling processes such as automated feature extraction and data engineering with robust techniques. Additionally, they have built an internal modelling tool that acts as a differentiator in terms of developing more predictive models at a short time.

Combining domain expertise with the best-in-class analytical techniques to drive their business strategies, recently the company has completed an IoT project on predictive maintenance for a large OEM client using the streaming data collected from their 5 MM sensors deployed across 54 countries. The team developed the machine learning algorithm to predict the devices at higher risk of failure to be proactively fixed by the OEM. This globally solution helped improve asset productivity for OEM’s customers. “

Debasmit mentions, “With a solid team in place, we expect to launch few industry solutions for Financial Services, Retail and Utilities verticals in the next 18 months. The new solution offering will accelerate our revenue growth and value creation.”

In the last three years, StratLytics has grown at a CAGR of 40 percent with sole focus on the U.S. market. They have invested in people by designing boot camps for new joiners to give them solid understanding on domain, consulting and machine learning skills. This year, they plan to expand to Europe and India.