Streak: Create, Backtest and Deploy

Harsha Manohar, Founder & CEO Vipul Divyanshu, Founder & CTO,Jayalakshmi Manohar, Founder & CPO Joseph Kuruvinakunnel, Vice President-Operations
With India rising fast to become a five trillion economy soon, the country has seen a radical shift in the way people invest. Barring Commercial, the non-commercial real estate sector is no longer the asset that offers exponential returns and investments in Gold are also not generating enough returns. This current notion has led to a change in the consumer behaviour wherein they are switching to instruments like equities, stocks and other financial options rather than investing in physical forms. And now with various options of investing at their dispense, people are finding it hard to identify the option that will yield them the maximum amount of returns. Focused on easing the investment woes of clients, Bangalore-based Streak is assisting traders and investors in finding the right opportunities in stock market that holds the potential to offer maximum returns while limiting losses in extremely volatile market. A platform that enables traders to create, back test and deploy trading algorithms live, Streak is making a breakthrough in the market with its unique solutions and is recognized as one of the most successful startups of Bangalore in the fin-tech space. "Streak is designed to solve the issues that traders face in the market. Through our company, we are trying to redefine the way retail traders' trade stocks in the market and are helping them tap on the best existing trading opportunities," says Joseph Kuruvinakunnel, Vice President- Operations, Streak.

Founded by Harsha Manohar, Jayalakshmi
Manohar and Vipul Divyanshu, Streak came as an idea when Harsha was looking to solve his pain points in the trading market and this idea finally took shape in the year 2017. Through its unique and intuitive user interface, the company enables users to take their trading ideas and convert them to strategies without having to write a code which then lets them test the compatibility of the idea by immediately checking its performance in the past market data. Once the trader is convinced that the idea has worked in the past, he can take it live by deploying the strategy. What more is that that all of this can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Streak is going to continue to innovate and move towards enabling a broader set of features and enabling our technology with other brokers across the country

Overcoming the Adversities
Being a startup in this highly regulated space comes with its own set of challenges. Streak was no exception to this convention and faced a number of hurdles during the initial days of its inception. One of the major roadblocks that the company faced was building a kind of technology that will be able to handle high volume transactions and multiple brokers at the same time. But the company's commitment towards improving the users experience helped it fight off those challenges and set a stronger foot in the market. "We are constantly working on finding innovative way to imbibe discipline among the traders. Our technological innovations are what are keeping us ahead in the market and enabling us to provide faster retail backtesting experience for our clients. We have also recently partnered iwth the largest stock broker in India- Zerodha," he states.

Having released its first version in August 2018, the company has garnered an overall transacted value of more than 3500 crores with having run more than 17 million backtest. The company at present has a clientele base of 2 lakh+ and is now focusing on building a product that represents the best user experience in the industry. Streak is going to continue to innovate and move towards enabling a broader set of features and enabling our technology with other brokers across the country.

The Unique Features :
• Create ­ it transforms strategies and ideas that are written in english, into computerised code. Users can leverage more than 60 technical indicators to create strategies in english.

• Backtest ­ it runs the fastest backtests in the world, and it is done on the cloud. Users can backtest all their strategies with a look back period of up to five years on any instrument.

• deploy - monitoring multiple instruments is now a click away. Users can deploy multiple strategies at a time without using any margin, and generate signals for their strategies.