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Prashant Jain & Shobhit Mittal,   Co- FoundersThe market for interior design in India is estimated to be worth USD 23.2 billion in 2020, and by 2027, it is expected to increase to USD 38.2 billion. The expanding Indian real estate market, expanding population, increasing income levels, and urbanization are all the driving factors behind the increase in the interior design sector. Smart houses, the impact of social media, and changes in the living standards and lifestyle of the populace are other elements that contribute to an increase in demand for interior design services. For their homes and businesses, people are picking designs with themes including the Mediterranean Style, the European Style, and the Ethnic Indian Style of Design, and more.

Established in 2017, Studio Basic is India's leading architecture and interior design studio that offers services in architecture, interior design, landscaping, and execution. The firm's co-principal architects are Shobhit Mittal and Prashant Jain, who believe that, in some way, architecture enhances people's quality of life. “Being in the service industry, we believe in fulfilling client’s aspirations by imbibing lifestyle requirements and the usability of the space in our designs,” speaks Shobhit Mittal Co-Founder, Studio Basic. To ensure that both the client and society as a
whole are completely satisfied, the firm is working to break new ground with every single project.Studio basic provides topnotch infrastructure solutions to clients and stakeholders across a wide range of business sectors through a distinctive blend of engineering, construction, and design disciplines and skills.

Being in the service industry, we believe in fulfilling client’s aspirations by imbibing lifestyle requirements and the usability of the space in our designs

‘Basics’ of an architecture design practice such as climatology, use of locally available material, relationships of built and open spaces, details in architecture, the truthfulness of materiality, and more. are some of the fundamentals of architecture based on which the firm creates the designs. “We are aware that no two people are exactly alike and similarly the designs ought to incorporate both the context of the surroundings and the occupant's individuality. To create custom designs, our team members take into account our client’s aspirations and dreams to design a home that is a reflection of their character and principles,” speaks Prashant. Studio Basic has a network of workshops for all kinds of masonry, metalwork, furniture mill work, and refurbishment, which contributes to hassle-free execution and prompt delivery.

Studio Basic has a team of professional artisans, craftsmen, engineers, fabricators, installers, and contractors who work diligently on every project to provide the best to the clients and create a timeless piece of art. The firm works on projects of all sizes, from midrange affordable apartments to ultra luxury bungalows and mansions. “We have successfully executed 100+ projects in just 5 years including residential, commercial, recreational, renovations and hospitality projects,” speaks Prashant. To create a family's "DREAM HOME," Studio Basic collaborates with its clients, takes down their instructions, and comprehends their needs and way of life and only then the firm creates the tangibles and intangibles of the space, to meet the hopes and expectations of its clients.

“Our current aim is to focus on two-tier cities and evaluate the afford ability of interior design to a range of Indian customers,” signs off Shobhit Mittal.