Studio Bemodio: Elevating Designs with Precision & Innovation at the Heart

Ar. Sabyasachi Purkayastha, Principal Architect

Ar. Sabyasachi Purkayastha

Principal Architect

As the architecture industry in Maharashtra undergoes continual evolution, the horizon for interior design ventures appears increasingly promising. With urbanization rates soaring and disposable incomes on the rise, there exists a burgeoning demand for innovative design solutions, poised for exponential growth. These startups, characterized by their inventive spirit and appreciation for local craftsmanship, are redefining excellence within the industry. Noteworthy among them is Studio Bemodio, distinguished for seamlessly integrating luxury design with highly efficient solutions. Their distinctive approach, dubbed 'Quiet Luxury', has been meticulously cultivated through extensive collaboration with leading design practices worldwide. At Studio Bemodio, clients are valued as integral team members, actively involved in the collaborative process to conceptualize, and actualize design solutions that precisely meet their specifications.

Established in 2022, Studio Bemodio was founded with a clear vision: to deliver the finest design solutions adhering to the highest standards of meticulous detail and top-quality execution. The firm's mission is to redefine luxury within today's market, ensuring that its clients embark on a beautiful journey throughout the development of its projects. Studio Bemodio offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing archi-tecture, facade and elevation design, space allocation, 3D views and renders, project management, project planning, coordination with various consultants, bill of quantities (BOQ), site consultation, interior design, space planning, material specifications, mood boards, and
MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) services coordination, as well as design and execution documentation. By providing holistic solutions and expert guidance every step of the way, the firm ensures that its clients' visions are realized to perfection.

Precision & Detail

Studio Bemodio specializes in crafting architectural and interior design solutions for the luxury segment across residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. "Our expertise extends beyond design, as we offer additional services such as design support with ISO and international standard drawings, comprehensive project management, and meticulous project coordination tailored to the unique requirements of each project. By providing this added level of support, we ensure that every aspect of our client's projects is executed with precision and excellence, exceeding expectations in every aspect of the design process", shares Ar. Sabyasachi Purkayastha, Principal Architect.

The company embraces uniqueness and openness to new ideas, seamlessly integrating them into new projects whenever possible. Studio Bemodio is certain that its clients' time and financial investments should be given the highest consideration. The company's concept is centered on transparency and awareness, and it works to make sure that clients are fully informed about their assets. In addition, the company wants to serve as a liaison between customers and other suppliers and enable smooth cooperation and correspondence all the way through the project. "Every expense of our clients is our concern, and we don’t mind giving extra time in finding solutions which fit our design and the clients budget", adds Ar. Sabyasachi.