Studio Gloom: Refining Architecture Design with Aesthetics, Sustainability, & Innovation

Prateek, Founder,  Apurva, Co-Founder

Prateek, Founder

Apurva, Co-Founder

As the famous proverb goes, "We shape our buildings there after they shape us", Architecture design is not just about creating functional spaces, but also about shaping the human experience and mood within those spaces. A well-designed space can make people feel energized, calm, inspired, or even nostalgic, while a poorly designed one can leave them feeling uncomfortable, stressed, or drained. In this context, the role of architects and designers becomes crucial, as they are responsible for creating spaces that are not just functional but also emotionally enriching. Studio Gloom, an architectural firm established in 2019 and currently based in Mumbai and Nagpur offers services in the fields of Architecture, Interior design, and 3D visualization to clients as well as other design firms.

“We have ventured into the filed of Vanity Van Interior Design and Construction Services under which the designs have ranged from makeup vans, traveling vans, blood banks, saloons, showrooms, and anything and everything on wheels”, says Prateek Malewar, Founder, Studio Gloom. Studio Gloom initially started as a freelancing venture, acquiring various skills through taking up challenging projects. The firm evolved with the projects and clients who entrusted them to bring their visions to reality. Studio Gloom's unique name is a reflection of its design philosophy. The firm believes that a state of dimness,
often brought about by limited light, is the ideal condition to design as there is no influence of sunlight, artificial lighting, or any factor that can affect the real properties of the materials or even their thoughts while designing. This helps them to bring out the actual beauty of their ideas into reality.

Keeping Up with the Change
Today, the architectural design industry is a dynamic, fast paced field that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of society and the environment. Studio Gloom recognizes this need and has worked on designing multifunctional apartment interiors that address the growing demand for hybrid work and living spaces. The team has also ventured into the design and production of camper vans, which provide users with the flexibility to live, work, and travel comfortably and efficiently. The firm’s work is driven by new technologies, sustainability concerns, and changes in the way people live. “We are a growing firm, and our vision is to be one of the top architectural firms that are widely recognized for our innovative design solutions and exceptional project delivery”, speaks Apurva Deshmukh, Co-Founder, Studio Gloom.

Designing a space is not just about creating a functional environment it's about shaping the human experience

“Aesthetic designs can regulate decisions, improve one's mood, infuse self-confidence, and increase productivity as it builds an emotional connection with the user” shares Prateek. But, Studio Gloom's expertise doesn't end there. The firm is committed to cradle to cradle design, promoting the conservation and restoration of resources and the reduction of waste and harm to the environment. This approach is critical in the architecture and construction industry today, and Studio Gloom is leading the charge toward a more sustainable future. “We as designers should try to restore and reuse as much as possible to reduce the generation of waste and harm to the environment”, says Apurva.

Studio Gloom is a design studio that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of architecture and design. With its focus on aesthetics, sustainability, and innovation, it is a firm that is poised to make a significant impact on the industry. The firm's vision is to be a trusted partner for their clients, known for their integrity, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. In coming years Studio Gloom sees itself as always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and elevating the standard for excellence in architecture.