Studio Meraki: Transforms Spaces

Shweta Kaw             ,  FounderAccording to the latest studies in Neuroscience and Psychiatry, there is a tremendous psychological cost attached to boring buildings & health and well being that are scientifically proven to be affected by the quality of the inhabited spaces. So more than building a marvel, it is imperative to study the wiring of the human brain, its instincts and responses to spaces to be able to design for the average human and its mindfulness in an already stressed out society. Garnering clues from these studies on Cognitive Architecture and Biophilic design, Studio Meraki one of India's leading design studios ­ steps into the picture and try to usher its way through into the project. The word ‘Meraki' is derived from Greek roots that mean doing something with soul, creativity, or love: when you put ‘something of yourself' into what you're doing, whatever it may be.

The brainchild of Shweta Kaw an architect with years of rich industry experience was launched in 2017 with an aim for building happy and healthy spaces for people to dwell in their habitat and nurture for them an improved sense of well being by paying attention to psychological & physiological comfort and hence garnering fewer distress levels in the society. The studio's practice is diverse and ranges from architecture, green building design, interior & furniture design as
well as graphics. "The venture was my single handed effort with zero experience in entrepreneurship. The quest to start something of my own and zest to make it big drove to put my skills to the test of reality thus creating some thing that resonated with me as an individual. It was like a double edged sword but eventually, finances, projects, ventures, and relationships just followed my instincts," she says.

Studio Meraki practices a diverse range that includes architecture,green building design, interior & furniture design as well as graphics

Studio Meraki is nascent paraphernalia with a pointer to acquaint the newly upcoming structures in the area of design and implementation of befitting architectural services. The prime arena for the organization is interior design services to commence with and culminate in finer architectural services. Idiosyncratic creative thinking process and breaking away from the stereotype is the USP of Studio Meraki forming its inherent backbone hence allowing room for novel ideas to the brim. The journey started with a project that took ages to see the light of the day but eventually, it has been receiving accolades and awards in the regional as well as the international market. This kind of exposure has been overwhelming, thereby opening new avenues for the studio and the team is marching towards a window of increasing trust in the company by various stakeholders.

Like every other startup, Studio Meraki also had its share of ups and downs. The major challenge faced by the venture was ambiguities arising due to a plethora of unskilled tasks performed by non-professionals and contractors at stumpy rates for which the qualified professionals are taking the brunt of it. Also, the psychological impact of aggression and the absence of trust in society dampen professional relationships and interrupt smooth workflows. Staying grounded to its ethics and offering best in class services to its customers was the company's best guard against tough competition or any malpractices. Shweta firmly believes that the uniqueness of any enterprise and its problem solving approach tends to take the lead and dissolve everything else in the long run. "The sustainability of any project necessitates scientific architectural planning with provision for future expansion or any improvements, so we under take work on optimistic lines keeping the clients' developing profile in unison with our initial plans,"she concludes.