Studio Scrap Up: Reinventing Spaces Ingeniously

The place we dwell promotes productivity and positivity. To add aesthetics to the home surroundings with best home decors and designs is a way to celebrate individuality and portray unique style. With the change in lifestyle and a massive population's wanting to enhance their surroundings, the attractive and creative home décor industry is gaining traction. And several startups are venturing into this landscape observing its nature which is varied, futuristic and welcoming. Among the profuse of home décor start-ups, Studio Scrap Up is one such company that was established by Garima Pal & Surbhi Chawla, two enthusiastic up-cyclers who aimed to bring innovation and difference in the domain.

The idea took shape when one of the founders was renovating her home. She observed that it was not practical to discard the existing furniture and realized that up-cycling them would still give the preferred modern look. Garima and Surbhi experimented on the heap of furniture at her place. To their surprise, the outcome was something extraordinary and loved by everyone around them. With this train of thought and the zest to do something innovative, they came up with the idea of up-cycling furniture and making home décors from old materials.

The company serves in three categories such as Interior, Furniture & Architecture. It offers interiors and architectural services under the name Design Studio 20Four; whereas renovation, furniture and products are part of Studio Scrap Up. It forays interior environments that enhance, enable and empower the building from the inside to best fit the client's requirements. "We know how to listen and infuse client's personality into space. Whatever they imagine, we can create. What-ever they already have, we can recreate it. We up-cycle and frame brand new products to create dynamic and meaningful environments that engage and energize," says Garima.
The Journey
Beginning its journey as home décor and renovation startup in 2017, the company upcycled 100+ furniture and the first batch of products was sold out in 3 months. It has also completed 30+ renovation projects. At present, it is customizing their unique offerings. "With one architect and an urban planner as the founders, it was a struggle to get into this existing builder-oriented market and make a mark with our style of designing. The numbers of interior designing projects were increasing and we realized the need to open another vertical purely for interior and architecture-related projects," she informs.

Garima Pal & Surbhi Chawla,Co-Founders

As an innovative startup, it is dependent on craftsmanship and the hand-work of designers, carpenters, and artisans. It imbibes amalgamation of handcraft methods and technology into the process of manufacturing that helps them make highly customized and suited spaces to meet the client's requirements.

Whatever they imagine, We create. whatever they already have we recreate it

Days Ahead
Studio Scrap Up is planning to get into modular office products in terms of customizable and adaptable solutions for meeting the specific needs and demands of the everyday work space. It also aims to come up with economical and ecologically viable office products. "The furniture industry could be more circular not only by reducing and recycling waste material but also by taking responsibility for products after use. Currently, we are working on building the prototypes of various products and coming up with new materials which are lightweight, ecological and economical to produce," she concludes.