Studio Seven: Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

Rajesh Shirke,Founder & Creative Director

Rajesh Shirke

Founder & Creative Director

The adoption of content creation is increasing due to the sheer fact that businesses demand precise targeting, lower operating costs, ease of measurement and adjustment, high return on investment, brand extension, and a better focus on conducting business and segmentation. Studio Seven's team thinks beyond limits and depict brand stories in a way that’s unimaginable.

As a leading Corporate Event Content Production Studio, the company offers a wide range of services to help businesses create the perfect content for their needs. Studio Seven not only provides event content in the form of graphics, movies, designs, apps, and so on but also offers content-driven solutions that are tailored to the requirements of its niche clients. With 22 years of expertise and a competent team of domain experts, Studio Seven has the competency of handling 360-degree event content production inhouse from conceptualization to preparation to execution, every stage is thoroughly thought out and executed with accuracy. As the name implies, the company offers seven core services, with Studio Seven's expertise spanning all aspects of the business and event content solutions standing as its flagship offering. Studio Seven is well known in the market for its services in content creation, VFX and animation, creative design, event content, interactive solutions, web/app development, and virtual communications.
“We acknowledge that each brand has its own identity and nuances. We make certain that the content we create captures the small details that make a project interesting and true to its brand's personality. Smooth waters, as they say, do not produce skilled sailors. From winning clients' trust in newcomers like us when we first set sail to now keeping up with the new and dynamic world of media and riding the waves of new digital developments, it has truly transformed us into skilled sailors in this profession”, highlights Rajesh Shirke, Founder & Creative Director, Studio Seven.

As event content has become a more popular form of creative expression in recent years, so has the demand for innovative events. This is where Seven Studio has the ability to use the latest technological tools and techniques to create stunning visuals, interactive platforms, engaging animations, instructive AVs, and more that can bring creative dreams to life in a way that is both beautiful and impactful.

Studio Seven has been enthusiastically crafting narratives & experiences that captivate the senses, delight the audiences, & take the brand experience to the next level

Leading By Example
In terms of Studio Seven's capabilities, one noteworthy project needed Studio Seven to provide precise, technical, and realistic looking visual content for a well known manufacturer of purifiers and cleaning equipment. With the advancement of 3D textures, better lighting, cleaner modeling, and more detailed texturing became the best deliverable in a relatively brief time frame. The company began filming the products for three AVs in a single day, which included a Green Screen Chroma Shoot of three models for three movies. Along with the filming, the crew began developing 3D models for kitchens, items, sub-products, and water simulations. For faster render outputs, Studio Seven established its own in-house 3D render farm. After the shoot, the raw footage was color adjusted, and an offline cut of the footage was created quickly. Seven Studio completed the entire project in 15 days and provided the first cut of AVs to the client including VFX and Water Simulations in about 48 hours.

“All of our work is appreciated due to our capability in efficiently managing complexity in a constant flow of demands. We have excellent time management skills, master in fast-paced work with exceptional quality”, concludes Rajesh.