Studuo: A Duo on a Mission to make Good Design Accessible for All

Drashti Vora and Saurav Pathak,   Co-FoundersIn a world where everyone is dealing with a pandemic, product design is changing. In the software world, lockdown, forced closure of stores, and so on have had an enormous impact. Remote collaboration, online shopping, streaming service, work from home, and communications platforms see rapid growth. In periods of dramatic change, technology and design trends reflect the customer’s needs. So, in the coming days, the UI trends will prioritize speed, simple page designs, a mobile first approach, and, most importantly, artificial intelligence. With the rise of virtual and remote working cultures, UX/UI trends have drastically changed throughout the year. UX/ UI is evolving, just like any other knowledge. And like anything else that develops, new trends are continually emerging and growing. In many ways, this dynamic industry is a balancing act between creating new ways to engage users while listening to and taking care of their needs.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Studuo is an intersection of graphic design with new-age technology that crafts brands and experiences everyone loves. As the name suggests, Studuo is a studio by a duo Drashti Vora and Saurav Pathak. Drashti is a graphic designer who loves to build brands and strategies. She has done her Bachelors of Design from Unitedworld Institute of Design, specializing in visual communication. At the same time, Saurav is a user interface designer and graphic designer. He is skilled in applying creativity to design highly appealing, exciting, yet functional designs that engage emotion. He believes in being genuine, dependable, and humble, likes to complete the targets with perfection, and always finds possible ways to make a dent in the universe.

Drashti Vora, Co-Founder of Studuo, stated, “We started Studuo with the sole purpose of making good design accessible to every body, irrespective of the size of the business or the budget, which seems like a tough task in today’s age"”With the digital world growing rapidly, companies and brands constantly compete with each other to establish their presence online and stand out amongst their competitors. Having a team of designers like us by their side helps them do exactly that without having to compromise on quality or their budget”, added Saurav Pathak, Co-founder, Studuo.

Solving Pain-Points through Flagship Services in Branding and UI/UX
Studuo divides its services into two categories: Branding and UI/UX. With branding, the studio works on everything one needs to start a brand naming, positioning, strategy, identity design, packaging, digital communication, marketing, etc. Studuo is involved with a brand from the imagination to its launch, making sure that it delivers a consistent and top-notch experience at every step of the way. However, with respect to UI/ UX, the studio works on understanding the products, services, and purpose to come up with the best possible digital experience. The firm does everything from research to wireframing to eventually prototyping the final product. Along with Branding and UI/UX, the company is working on extending its services to digital marketing and development so that it can provide the customers with end-to-end solutions with maximum quality control. Studuo also has a service called Jumpstart, designed especially for small businesses and startups that don’t have a huge budget to spare on expensive design but dont wish to compromise on quality.

Studuo is an intersection of design with new-age technology that crafts brands and experiences that everyone loves

Moreover, with such exceptional services, Studuo has overcome many challenges, but in most cases, the clients struggle with getting the proper guidance for their businesses to design. Unlike other agencies that will make something the clients want, Studuo has become the go-to design advisor that helps them get the right kind of design for their brand. Studuo works with its clients not just while they are under a contract but beyond that, as a part of their family. Secondly, many of Studuo’s clients are startups and small businesses trying to build something that can leave a mark. The struggle they usually have is needing high-quality design without having to burn a big hole in their pockets. Studuo service, Jumpstart, helps them with precisely that. Along with this, the studio is also coming up with services that allow them to reach out to a broader chunk of entrepreneurs and work with them to build their MVPs and prototypes.

“Our method is dependent on how we see things - strategise, empathize and experiment. Apart from the usual methods that run in the industry, our process focuses on strategizing optimal experience for the end consumer, empathizing with their pain-points and experimenting with design to make it unique yet acceptable”, added Drashti.

Future Roadmap
Studuo is a group of passionate young designers that wish to create memorable and exceptional experiences for brands and companies. They have worked with both B2B and B2C sectors across over ten business verticals. Stashfin, Liquide, Iskcon, Itorix Inc., Beepz, Medics2You, etc. to name a few of their clients. And that’s why the revenue of Studuo in its second financial year has grown more than twice its revenue in the first year. “We have been a reliable and trusted design partner for startups as well as established businesses that focus more on design and wish to create exceptional experiences. Our future roadmap includes scaling the company by hiring more teammates that share an equal passion and enthusiasm for design as well as reaching more businesses and entrepreneurs globally”, concluded Saurav.