Sublime House Of Tea: Promising an Appreciative Experience of Health & Wellness

Uzma Irfan,Founder

Uzma Irfan


India is the second largest tea producer globally, after China, and is also a leading beverage consumer and accounted for nearly a fifth of the global consumption in 2016. India's healthy economic growth and the subsequent rise in demand from the middle-class population are proving to be catalysts for the industry's growth as consumers prefer premium brands. The middle class is also willing to experiment more with tea blends, thus, providing an impetus for developing segments like fruit, herbal, and other specialty varieties.

Thus, the rapid urbanization, along with the rise in disposable incomes in the country, is further aiding the tea industry in India. Founded in 2014, Sublime House of Tea, much like Prestige, is an initiative that brings supreme quality, trust, authenticity, and freshness to the daily lives of customers' kitchens. It is a premium brand that offers some of the finest, most exclusive Tea Blends, Honey, Dry fruits, and Whole Spices sourced directly from the growers.

There is a rising demand for the packaged variety of the beverage in both urban and rural areas due to lesser chances of adulteration, convenient storage, and superior quality, further aiding the tea industry in India. Each tea offers different health benefits because of varying nutrient contents, and the demand for packaged varieties with natural ingredients is also witnessing growth.
Sublime is a brand focused on becoming the go-to brand for all wellness requirements, bringing a holistic experience of indigenous products, ensuring superior quality, and bringing authentic and healthiest products.

"Sublime House of Tea started as my teenage ambition, and many years later, I am proud to say that the brand has become a recognizable symbol of trust, taste, and innovation", speaks Uzma Irfan, Founder, Sublime House of Tea. Sublime has a versatile range of products with close to 30 blends, from floral and fruity to herbal teas that can be enjoyed as a hot beverage or cold beverage and used as base ingredients in mocktails/ cocktails, cakes, and other desserts.

They have their pulse on the latest trends and are keen to bring them to the table for their customers. Each tea blend has been proven to have certain health benefits and is recommended under alternate treatment therapies.

Offering Fresh Quality and Superior Products
Sublime is a proudly womenled organization with a solid and ambitious team focused on sourcing all its products as close to the growers as possible; hence it seeks to collaborate directly with the producers. It ensures that the supply chain is shortened and that the timespan between the harvest and the product reaching the end user is drastically reduced, retaining the freshness of the products, and increasing the shelf-life.

They have a very stringent process to choose the growers and producers certified by renowned industry bodies, ensuring the quality check of the products. They check the fluoride levels in their products and make it a point to retain the levels below the prescribed level for regular usage. Sublime also discourages using chemical additives that enhance the harvest or shelf life of the product, ergo, staying authentic and natural. The brand focus on giving its customers an allencompassing tea-time ritual. Every product launched has been tested by the internal team before making it available to the customers.

Our focus has been to provide our customers with a holistic wellness experience, including teas, honey, dry fruits, & whole spices

Sublime focuses on becoming the leading player in the market for natural, fresh, authentically, and ethically procured products and helping improve overall well-being. They are a carbon print-conscious brand that aims to go plastic free in packaging by the year 2025 and is willfully working towards fulfilling that aim.