Suma Agro: Making Agriculture Truly Sustainable

Karthik Krishnamoorthy,Director

Karthik Krishnamoorthy, Director

Feeding an ever-growing population with healthy food is major challenge. Soil is the basis for our food, feed, water and foundation for ecological sustainability. Chemical-intensive agriculture has deteriorated our soils resulting in multiple nutrient deficiencies. Our farmers are facing new challenges every day. Today our soils have deteriorated beyond redemption and polluted our water, contaminated our food resulting in many health problems. With the emphasis on sustainable agriculture, we have to go back to our roots and rediscover the importance of healthy soil. It's time for a new revolution in agriculture- A Brown Revolution to rejuvenate our soils and feed generations to come with healthy food. Perceiving the need to cut the Gordian knot, Karthik Krishnamoorthy came up with a cure-all to improve the fertility of the soil. He structured his ambition as Suma Agro in 2016, with the intention to promote synergy between soils and plants. Interestingly, it is the only company in India that manufacturer humates to improve soils health and provide essential nutrients to improve the overall health of plants. Today humates are considered as the single most productive input in agriculture.
With the proclivity to reduce the pain of the Indian farmers over low productivity and soil infertility, Karthik laid the foundation of Suma Agro. He came across the farmer’s frets and associated with the NLC, the public sector lignite mining and power generation company for making humates in 2013. This is exactly when he came up with the idea to use the product to formulate solutions that could boost soil’s fertility which eventually would increase the yield of healthy crops. The products were widely tested and approved by Tamilnadu Agriculture University.

At this age when there is a dire need to protect our environment and create a healthy ecosystem, Sumo Agro has come forward with innovations to maintain sustainability. It is one of the few companies in India that is dedicatedly manufacturing unique products, processes and methods to feed life into the earth. Using unique technology like Active Carbon Technology (ACT), the company has developed products like Humicas, Jeevan and Flower Valley which help the farmers to optimize their Inputs in an environment-friendly manner. It also promotes sustainable growth, optimal yield and magnifies the strength and metabolism of plants. “We aim to reconcile the legitimate economic and social interests of our customers, partners and employees whilst safeguarding our natural resources for future generations,” states Karthik Krishnamoorthy, Director of Suma Agro.

The quality of our life depends on - the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath. - All these depend on the quality of our SOIL

Summing up the Journey
At the start, Suma Agro encountered several obstacles while scaling up. The marketing and selling of the products also proved to be challenging due to the existence of many Chinese low-quality, sub standard imported products. Nonetheless with a positive attitude and sheer determination, the company has made tremendous achievements, over the years. Originated in Chennai, Suma Agro caters to farmers in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. They have sold more than 1.3 million litres till date. They have attracted significant investors such as Ankur capital Trust.

The Road Ahead
Suma Agro has a very positive roadmap ahead of it. Ten years down the line, the company visualizes itself to be a pioneer in addressing soil health. It seeks to bring in ‘brown revolution’ in India. The sole motive of this revolution would be to rejuvenate the country’s soil for the future generations. “Everyone is seeking a green revolution 2 in our country but we are seeking to bring a brown revolution, in order to rejuvenate our nation’s soil for our future generations,” voices Karthik.