Sumedha IT: Ensuring a Promising Learning Process

Ravi Chandra Chakka,  FounderThe corporate training and orientation implemented and executed by human resource departments have changed drastically in the last few decades to synchronize with organization goals. Any company that invests in employee development is investing in their own success. With the work environment evolving over the years, organizations look forward to onboarding individuals who have additional skills. Hyderabad based Sumedha IT has been at the forefront in delivering quality training services in the field of electronics, semiconductors, software development and education services.

The idea behind Sumedha IT is the rapid demand for new forms of employment and the scope it has for high calibre professionals. Ravi Chandra Chakka, with few other industry professionals, experienced the lack of trained resources in their career working at industry giants. This made them decide to float a company that bridges the gap between academy and industry. "Exclusive skill set is needed to survive in the industry because today's necessity may become tomorrow's obsolete. The experiment has succeeded and we have received numerous amount of appreciation from across the industry," mentions Ravi.

Sumedha IT aptly identifies the growing demand posed by the industry and its search for right solution providers. It offers one of the best VLSI and embedded systems training by experienced industry professionals. "Our teaching institute started with just 15 early bird students enrolled in courses and now the total graduates of our programmes are 800 and more. We are really happy to have more than 621 placed in recognized companies and an existing batch of 125 professionals getting prepared to face
the corporate life. It is indeed a great leap for Sumedha and a motivation that gives us ambitious hopes of our existence in the market," he informs.

Sumedha IT offers one of the best VLSI and embedded systems training by experienced industry professionals

What's Unique about Sumedha IT
The company delivers the finest yet affordable coaching to help students attain exceptional results. At Sumedha IT, the team provides corporate readiness training to proficient engineers in the form of various courses trained by realtime experts that enables them to inhabit professionalism effectively from day one of their programs. Working on live projects help the students cope up with the current scenario.

"We focus on equipping the graduates with the required certification that a company would demand from an eligible candidate. The duration of courses spread across a period of 1 to 6 months. Our current offerings include Embedded Systems, Custom Layout, Physical Design, Digital Marketing, RTL Design & Verification. Our future offerings will consist of technologies for industry 4.0. We are also in the process of starting online courses soon,"explicates Ravi. Sumedha's core technical ecosystem consists of past and prospective employers, academicians and industry patrons.

The Growth From a humble beginning in a two room facility, today, Sumedha is running out of 15k sq. ft facility and is currently associated with over 75 direct employers, 63 recruitment companies and around 30 industry faculties. It has helped close to 621 students realize their dreams. In the coming years, it is has planned to expand its services to Bangalore and Noida, of which Bangalore will be materialized by the end of March 2020. "Our online product, skill services will be launched in June 2020,"informs Ravi. The company is working on feasible and realistic targets that are based on creating effective and affordable skill development services through new delivery channels. It is also looking for expansion of scope to other sectors. Sumedha will continue to provide opportunities to students who wish to be a part of India's nextgen technology success stories.