Sun Crypto: Offering Easy, Fast & Secure Crypto Exchange Options in India

Umesh Kumar, Founder & CEO,  Pramod Yadav, Co-Founder & CTO

Umesh Kumar, Founder & CEO

Pramod Yadav, Co-Founder & CTO

The cryptocurrency market in India posted a 15.5x increase in investment to $438.18 million in CY2021 from $28.10 million in CY2020. The crypto startups were active from 2009-2010 when bitcoin was introduced, but in India, the first ever crypto startup came in 2013, and the country is in the second position for having the highest number of crypto holders worldwide. Cryptocurrencies have excellent user cases and benefits, and as awareness about cryptocurrency spread across the country, the market started to increase gradually. It was fuelled further when the Supreme Court of India lifted the ban on crypto currency trading in March 2020. In light of these government relaxations, the market saw significant players giving out services regarding cryptocurrency. People’s interest, increasing market cap, and blockchain significance is becoming the most significant reason behind the growth of this market. Established in 2021, Sun Crypto operates in customer payments, crypto trading, and investing.

The cryptocurrency market continues to experience turbulence due to rapid price fluctuations and ever changing adoption intent. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the overall market growth however, the cryptocurrency exchanges in India kept expanding their businesses and their figures, leading to the opening of new bitcoin exchanges in India. There are 300 plus exchanges worldwide, and even Pro or advanced exchanges from other countries like Binance are not user-friendly for the average Indian population,
especially for Tier-III & Tier-IV cities. Sun Crypto is based on user demands, and they created a user friendly platform for all age groups and educational backgrounds. Out of their eight lakh plus users, more than 60 percent belong to the Tier-III & Tier-IV cities. The company did the beta testing for its application on 1st July 2021, and on the 1st day of release, it got 10,000 registrations, and in five days, it got 25,000 registrations. Within a month, the progress was more than 50k registrations in March 2022, it surpassed 500k registrations. “We provide 150+ crypto options for users to trade in, as most of the exchanges do not have that much variation, and we are working on keep adding more and more with time", speaks Umesh Kumar, Founder & CEO, Sun Crypto.

Learn & Earn
Sun Crypto is about crypto trading where users buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and this is more than a business as the people get to invest, learn and make profits here. The company provides user friendly features such as multiple deposit and withdrawal options, fast KYC and transactions, INR buy and sell, and is educating its users. Sun Crypto provides fiat to crypto services where users can directly buy the cryptocurrency with the fiat currency (Indian Currency).

Pramod Yadav, Co-Founder & CTO

Sun Crypto has a team of 40+ individuals who provide 24/7 assistance to its users, and currently, it is working on creating a module about cryptocurrency where it will teach its users from the very basic to advanced levels of cryptocurrency. The company also has a separate website to cover important crypto news, market reports, educational blogs, and more, so users can learn about the crypto market. They also organize multiple events and seminars to educate people, especially the younger generation, through various seminars.

Sun Crypto aims to bring 10M+ users into crypto trading by 2023 and focuses on expanding its business to create a larger community that can access the services specially designed for them. It is working on providing features like Peer-To-Peer, Stacking option, Pro learning, and more. “Our company is fully bootstrapped, and even though no one funds it, we are currently looking for V.C. to connect with us for easy expansion", speaks Umesh.