Sunshine Placement Services: Recruiting Specialist- Supplying the solution to employment puzzle

Swati Jaiswal,FounderManpower is essential to the success of any organisation! But getting a good pool of talent that can drive your company towards success is a rigorous and strenuous task. Finding and hiring the ideal candidate for your job tends to be hard in this candidate job-driven competitive world. But with the emergence of recruitment agencies in the ecosystem, recruiting the right people has now turned easier. Focused on easing such recruitment woes of the organisation, Sunshine Placement Services is one particular company that has made the hiring process much smoother and less time-consuming. Swati Jaiswal, a Pranic Healer, a Reiki Healer and an experienced HR Professional turned Entrepreneur who laid the foundation of Sunshine at the age of 23 in the year of 2014. Based out of Kolkata, Sunshine Placement Services is a fast growing professionally managed placement services company catering to the manpower requirements of various industries varying in magnitude and complexity of job requirements. “Sunshine is not only a company but a platform to serve humanity and mankind in our very own way by being the medium in connecting the job seekers to the companies and thus uploading millions of smiles among the unemployed youth by providing a scope of bread and butter throughout the calendar,” says Swati Jaiswal, Founder, Sun-shine Placement Services.

A leading headhunting and manpower recruiting firm, the company provides apt manpower according to the client's
requirement at the stipulated time through its systematic and streamlined methodology. The enterprise furnishes an array of services ranging from Career Counseling, Guidance & Development Services, and Resume Services to Pre-Interview Preparation, Corporate Training and Background Verification. With unparalleled expertise lying in comprehending varied manpower requirements, it follows a customized set of steps - Plan, Execute and Deliver to provide best services to its clients and candidates. “We understand the importance of cultivating strong inter/ intrapersonal relationships between candidates and clients. Apart from providing manpower to the clients, we also undertake several assignments which comprise of multiple activities that include identifying business strategies, searching partners in technology and finding clients to hire candidates for,” she adds.

With unparalleled expertise lying in comprehending varied manpower requirements, Sunshine Placement Services follows a customized set of steps - Plan, Execute and Deliver to provide best services to its clients and candidates

Catering to both IT and non-IT industry from FMCG, Hospitality, Iron & Steel, Advertisement & Media, Power & Energy, E-Commerce and Commodities, Sunshine Placement Service stands for accelerating growth wherein it provides a qualified human resource thus lending your company a desired edge in the market. Client satisfaction being the core focus of Sunshine Placement Services, the company is duty bound in order to deliver qualitative output which makes it one of leading manpower service providers in the market.

Challenges are inevitable to any organisation! And Sunshine Placement Services was no exception to it wherein it faced a number of hurdles from sourcing the right CVs to getting people onboard. But with a team of determined and motivated professionals who do not hesitate to go an extra mile to fulfil the requirements of its clients, it was able to steer away smoothly through the tough days.

Having served over 350 plus clients companies, the company has seen a tremendous growth over the years. Currently delivering services PAN India, the company is now planning to set its foot in the overseas recruitment market as well. “Our aim is to become the leading recruitment and manpower service provider, offering the most advanced services available today. We will boldly go to regions beyond imagination. Sunshine Placement Services believes in keeping pace with the leading giants in the industry, taking every possible step, big and small alike,” she concludes.