Sunshine Powertronics: Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming with Strategy-driven FA Young Firm Set to Revolutionize Consumer Electronics Industry

 Sunil Chavan,  Co-Founder

Sunil Chavan


Consumer Electronics have gained special attention in the Indian economy with the release of each new gadget and gizmo. India's booming industry is buzzing with the desire for topnotch technology, best customer service, eye catching designs, and durable build quality to meet the demand for diverse goods and services. Aside from the continued success stories of established firms, one of the most significant shifts in India's Industrial electronics market is the emergence of new-age enterprises. One such electrical startup is Sunshine Powertronics which offers a range of solutions for the lighting, telecom, automotive, medical, and industrial sectors.

Sunil Chavan, CEO of Sunshine Powertronics, made the decision to launch a business in advanced power systems and cooling solutions in 2014. Sunshine Powertronics was established in 2015 with the goal of enhancing its expertize in industrial control systems, cooling solutions, and customized power supplies. They are a leader in the field of power conversion technology development. The firm creates specialized power supplies with high performance and efficiency.

"India imports large electronics goods which has a major part in trade deficit most of the power products which are imported cater global requirement, it was anticipated that local manufacturing of customized power product will have growth, looking at upcoming trend in this domain", shares Sunil, Co-Founder, Sunshine Powertronics.
Solution for All Needs
Sunshine Powertronics provides a wide range of products for the lighting, telecommunications, automotive, medical, and industrial markets. They provide a wide range of highefficiency LED drivers ranging from 20W to 120W for the lighting domain. For the telecom domain, they provide a control system for optimising the cooling of cabinets used in outdoor networks, which are primarily used for 4G, Data center, and upcoming 5G rollouts. In the automotive domain, they have recently begun with LED lamps and are also developing a 1KW LLC-based Li-ion charger. In the medical and industrial domains, they offer customized products based on client needs, such as a UV sanitization control system and an O2 level monitor.

Sunshine Powertronics provides dependable products at competitive prices where customers are satisfied with the least amount of failure without sacrificing quality stand

Since the Indian market is price sensitive, Sunshine Powertronics provides dependable products at competitive prices where customers are satisfied with the least amount of failure without sacrificing quality standards. This greatly lowers service costs and operating costs. As a result of the fact that today's service support costs are more than the price of the product, Sunshine believes that only highquality products will endure. The committed core development team at Sunshine Powertronics is continuously working on high-end power conversion solutions to fulfil industrial needs. They work closely with customers to comprehend their needs and provide a full range of industrial solutions.

"Telecom, EV & IOT domains are trending now a days, all these domains are expected to grow more than anticipated, constant & reliable power source plays very important role, we are working in direction to offer reliable power conversion solution to these domains which perform exceptional with minimum failure impact", says Ashwin Tayade, Director Development, Sunshine Powertronics.

Sunshine Powertronics began as a product design company and has since grown to become a market leader in its field, with over 65 percent market share for Telecom products and over 50 percent market share for Lighting. Their clients are from all over the country and from various regions, and our product has set a new standard for performance. Sunshine Powertronics intends to expand its product line by doubling its development team from 15 to 30 engineers in the coming year. They also intend to establish a new factory in the Chakan-Talegaon area for advanced cooling solutions and EV products.