SuperGTM: Implementing The Premium End-To-End Marketing Strategies For Reaching The Target Audience

Nivya Paidipally,Founder, Managing Partner

Nivya Paidipally

Founder, Managing Partner

In the business world which is mostly customer driven, marketing plays a vital role in the success of a brand or a product. The marketing medium can be online, offline, and networking, but it should be seamlessly createing a vast pool of possibilities of how a brand places its product in the market. A Hyderabad based marketing solutions agency, SuperGTM has successfully positioned itself as a strategic marketing company with its in-depth Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy and its implementation. Serving the existing brands to reposition themselves and new brands to enter the market, the company aims to reduce the gap in implementing the finest marketing strategies for reaching the target audience through various online and offline channels. Being a core marketing company and one stop shop providing all the available marketing models, SuperGTM has positioned itself as an end-to-end marketing hub covering multiple facets right from Market valuation of business ideas to helping the companies to upscale and reach growth stage.

A Strategic Marketing company
The current scenario of Indian Marketing looks bright and the only thing which is constant in the current scenario is change. In any given time, some or the other industries are always in need of Constant Marketing. Brands are focusing more on the Brand Awareness, Brand Recall, Brand transparency which has bestowed us with an opportunity to device customer centric as well as channel specific strategy for reach, recall & retain. As marketing these days demands Content and Data driven Instant & Interactive approach towards their target audience, a Multi-Channel based Marketing focused on solving the problem statement or the specific need of the Brands has been the driving point for SuperGTM. As the Indian market has become the most competitive one in the world, SuperGTM serves clients covering all the marketing channels ranging from offline, digital, mobile marketing to content marketing and more. Creating an indubitable market space for its client's products or service offerings, SuperGTM believes in design and implementation of Go-To-Market strategy using blue ocean tools to create an uncontested market space with utmost utility value & value innovation to the end customer.

"Our approach primarily depends on the process that we follow to understand the Market Sense, Market Scale & Market Scope through our In-depth Market research which helps us device the strategy using Blue Ocean Tools. We have positioned ourselves as a Strategic Marketing company supporting the existing brands with Re-Positioning and new brands with Market positioning owing to our in-depth Go-To-Market Strategy & Implementation. GTM service has always been our key positioning point being unique from the rest in the market. We get into our clients shoes to Understand things as a business owner and serve the best," explains Koushik Chitrapu, Co-Founder, SuperGTM.

An Array of Services
By formulating strategies using blue ocean tools to create an uncontested market space with elevated utility value & value innovation, SuperGTM increases the market boundaries making the competition irrelevant. Though it is the Business model that attracts the attention of an Investor, it is the Go-To-Market strategy that convinces them to go for it as SuperGTM takes step to position the Pre-Accelerator as an important wing, keeping companies growth as a pinnacle objective. A Pre-accelerator, is a programme that supports early-stage, growth-driven companies through bridging the gap between the companies & Investors for the Scale-up post GTM Strategy design.

"Through various channels such as offline marketing, online marketing, content marketing, network marketing, influencer marketing, and mobile marketing, We tone your Brand to have a dialogue with Customers and Prospects by positioning your
brand in a world of evolving and increasingly niche markets. We Build the Skin and position the skill with Digital Assets as collateral to set up the channel of communication in all possible mediums. GTM strategy includes business plan outlining target audience, marketing plan, sales strategy and so on," elaborates Nivya Paidipally, Founder & Managing Partner, SuperGTM.

Uplifting the Start-ups
The company is not only concerned for the target consumers but it also takes a pragmatic approach for the conversion of the non-consumer audience into dedicated consumers. As a Pre-Accelerator Service, it helps the start-ups right from the ideation stage to become investment ready with all necessary documentation like Business Plan, Business Models, Go-To-Market Strategy, Financial Models, and more until the start-ups achieve the seed funding. SuperGTM focuses into the planning of the marketing strategies as per the client's needs and depending upon the market scenario. The plan is then executed according to the market-sense, market-scale, and scope through SuperGTM's in-depth market research. The content and data driven approach executes the promotion of the product or services in an instant and interactive way, connecting the consumers directly with the brand.

"SuperGTM has emerged as the key player in Brand awareness, Brand recall, Brand transparency, and more. We at SuperGTM, are currently helping 16+ start-ups who are from different backgrounds with brilliant ideas solving problem statements in multiple industries and yet not sure of processes right from Idea Validation to Growth stage," states Nivya Paidipally.

Curated with Care
Every business idea proves to be successful only when they have a paying customer and there are multiple parameters to be counted and accounted from the business to reach to the target audience. Having thousands of industries and sectors with each industry/sector being unique at their business level, reaching out to the target audience would certainly need an expertise. "In my previous experience working in the marketing strategy & implementation team, I understood the huge gap in channelizing & implementing the strategy to reach targeted customer through different channels as there was no one stop shop available to implement the marketing models be it offline or online or content or mobile marketing and more. This gave me an idea to connect the missing dots, add strategic partners and implement the client needs through one company. This was the basic inception point for SuperGTM. The pain of finding the right marketing partner which could fit in with client's vision is a challenge and the solution for them is SuperGTM," states Nivya Paidipally.

The Founding team is the core team of SuperGTM. The Founder `Nivya Paidipally' & the Co-Founder `Koushik Chitrapu' comes with a combined experience of 20+ years of Marketing experience. The inception of the company happened from an existing problem statement in the market about finding the right marketing company for all the marketing needs. Hence, it was more of the companies journey to count on than any other mentors. SuperGTM onboards the SME's (Subject Matter Experts) when it comes to designing strategy for a perticular niche industries. Also, we envision client's success to make each project a case study. SuperGTM as a Marketing services company has started its operations with its service revenues and has been running successfully with part re-investment from revenues to upscale without raising the external investments.

The pain of finding the right marketing partner which could fit in with client's vision is a challenge and the solution for them is SuperGTM

Future and Beyod
SuperGTM is set out to venture into the product wing with its indigenously developed Marketing Platform that has a potential to grow as an Ad and Collaboration store for multiple industries and domains-based businesses across the globe. It is slotted to become a unique platform having Content, Collaboration & Communication strategies available at one place. It's an Ad-Store Marketing e-commerce platform for the marketing domain where any functional, technical or professional businesses will be able to search, download, and use the marketing collateral for their branding.

The Inception of SuperGTM happened after clear understanding of Market need, as a result of which the journey has always been exciting, demanding & upscale. With diversified clientele varying from different industries, from global brands which needed local re-positioning to Innovative start-ups in IOT, FnB, Agri-Tech, Green & Electric Energy, Italian Furniture brands to Healthcare brands and more, GTM Strategy Service of SuperGTM has worked for all the clients which has not just been proven with designing strategy but also in the pragmatic implementation. The company also onboards the Subject Matter Experts for designing the particular strategies for a few specific niche industries.

"The next major milestone is our Marketing Platform which is going to be the Next Big Thing in the global market. Our Idea behind our Marketing platform is to globally help the professional, functional & Technical companies to compose, create and collaborate for their Market Scale. In short, our platform is like an APP store which would be an Ad-Store Marketing e-commerce platform to build Collateral, Network & Assets for any businesses. We are happy to announce that we are coming up with a unique, first of it's kind Marketing Platform where Content, Collaboration & Communication are to be made handy. The product is like an E-commerce platform in Marketing space where any functional, Technical & Professional businesses could search, download & use the marketing collateral by themselves for their own branding. Also, making the Strategic partnerships possible with our in-detailed company profile analysis to help the complementing businesses grow together with ease," concludes Koushik Chitrapu.