Sustainkart: A One-Stop Shop For Sustainability

Kanthi Dutt,  CEOWhile sustainability is a norm that everyone seems to be on board with, there is a vast difference between what we preach and what we practice. Sustainability in lifestyle choices is what global communities should promote, and no matter whatever we vouch for, being true to every sense is a tough road. There is still a lot of persistence and encouragement that the government bodies and external bodies should lay emphasis upon so that people wilfully chose sustainable options over the others. On the commercial front, brands are actualizing the concept for real and promotions through influencers have been a game-changer for the marketing strategies adopted. Established in 2021 and headquartered in Hyderabad, Sustainkart is an eCommerce platform that supports the Sustainability agenda and provides all products like home care, beauty products, apparel, kids care, furniture, etc. under one roof.

The best part for which Sustainkart has been gaining buzz in recent times is that all the products that it offers are not only sustainable, but the brand goes a step ahead and authenticates the necessary certifications in place before placing it on its platform. Co-founder Kanti says, “Customers love Sustainkart because it streamlines all
the products on a singular platform and without much effort, they can stick to their agenda of ‘being sustainable’”.

Affordable Segments To Shop From
Globally, we have realized the importance of sustainability for preserving our natural resources for generations to come. When we chose sustainability as a way of life, even the smallest effort counts. The chemical-free brands are gaining much traction among the customers because it doesn’t pollute the life around them. Sustainkart offers products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and chemical-free. The products undergo all steps of sustainability in their production cycle to the final packaging.

Sustainkart is the single-most platform that promises sustainability through all it offers.

There are other eCommerce platforms too that offer sustainable products but unlike Sustainkart, their sole commitment is not sustainability. Customers have to scroll and refine their searches for the products that can promise sustainability, but the hassle is never-ending. There are products that are labeled ‘Sustainable’ and offer otherwise. Sustainkart observed this gap in the market and clamped on the opportunity with a platform committed to sustainability. The wide range of product options allows the customers to choose among the different options at affordable prices. The major cliché that the company observed was that people have the opinion that sustainable products are costlier. Destigmatizing the same, Sustainkart offers a complete range of affordable product options for its customers.

Hitting A Unicorn Valuation Is The Motto
The journey for Sustainkart has been encouraging since its inception. It has gained tremendous support from its customers for its products and the idea behind a sustainable platform received much appreciation. The company has witnessed a 3x year-on-year growth and is onset to target 10000 customers on its platform in the next financial year.

On the parallel segment, Sustainkart envisions growth through 1000 private labels that are co-owned by celebrities. It also encourages young brands to get on board by extending them financial and marketing support. With the growth trajectory in place, Sustainkart plans to clog 1 Lack order per month and hit a unicorn valuation by the end of 2023.