Swageazy: Bringing the Joy Back to Gifting

  Sameer Wahie, Founder,   Sneh Setu, Founder

Sameer Wahie, Founder

Sneh Setu, Founder

In such situations, Swageazy emerges as a boon to organizations as the company is committed to create customized gifts that meet all the corporate needs. Swageazy has created a platform where businesses can choose the products that they want to gift their employees or clients. Swageazy platform makes ordering swag fun through the one stop platform where businesses can shop, store and ship the highest quality swag globally with a click of a button. The wide range of branded products includes everything from a bottle to t-shirts and beyond. “We are an all-in-one enterprise gifting platform that enables companies to leverage technology to drive engagement using tangible gifts. We specialize in helping businesses curate & deliver thoughtful premium high quality packages for employees and clients on every occasion,” states Sameer Wahie, Founder, Swageazy.

The corporate gifting is becoming more relevant in today’s remote working or hybrid model. Especially, during the employee onboarding, the gifting helps drive company’s culture, build a good, long lasting relationship.

How does it work?All that customers have to do is go to the platform, curate a suitable pack for their business in a minute, choose the products, packaging, design based on
their preference and budget. Once they make the payment, they get access to the custom dashboard where they can personalize their gifts. All they have to do is upload their logo and the team at Swageazy will have the product mock-ups ready within 24 Hours. Once the design is finalized, they begin with the production and within a week’s time the packages are dispatched. In a nut shell, they can track everything they need from designs orders, shipment, tracking and reordering.

We specialize in helping businesses curate thoughtful, premium highquality packages for Employees, customers & prospects

When it comes to delivery, the company’s motto is global fulfilment. The company stands true to their promise, “If it’s on the map it’s within our reach.”The customers have to put in their country state city or town and the order will be delivered without any worries. Flexible delivery options across Bulk, Remote or International shipping is possible with live tracking through the dashboard. Swageazy also offers company swag store feature where their employees and customers can order swag from a curated catalogue.

"One of the most loved features of Swageazy is the storage and on-demand fulfilment, so that the businesses on’t have to worry about their office closets overflowing with swag." states Sneh Setu, Founder, Swageazy.

The main reason why businesses choose Swageazy as their reliable gifting partner is because of its customized swag service. The company’s creative and highly responsive design team ensures organizations’ swag remains relevant at all times. It also provides custom API integrations to make the swag ordering automated for milestones such as New Hire Kit, work anniversaries and b’days.

Since its inception, the company has served and delivered customized packages to 85+ enterprises like Amazon, Linkedin,Coursera, Springworks and continue to serve them & many more. They have curated and delivered swag for more than 15 occasions like new hires, event & webinars, work anniversaries, company milestones, festivities, wellness and so on. For the future, the company wants to be the preferred partner for all things gifting by integrating into the existing work flows covering employee and customer journeys.