Swipetouch: Revolutionizing Educational Sector Via Digital Tech

Suman Dutta ,Co-founder & CEO

Suman Dutta

Co-founder & CEO

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, several industries across India have jumped on the digital bandwagon, and education institutions are no exception. Education today is no longer restricted to physical classrooms. Virtual classrooms and online learning have risen to prominence. However, there are a number of schools and colleges that are not technologically advanced; they are still stuck with the traditional education system.

These schools face several challenges in keeping up with regular operations. Manually performed tasks include result declaration, data management, fee collection, timetable management, staff and student attendance management, and other related jobs that require a substantial amount of time, energy, and resources.

SWIPETOUCH, a promising SaaS-based edtech start-up, is on a mission to transform the education sector digitally. "Our objective is to digitally connect administrators, teachers, students, and parents. We want to bind the three major areas of the education system — business, academics, and people”, states Suman Dutta, Co-founder & CEO, SWIPETOUCH.

The company was established by three seasoned professionals - Suman Dutta, Sushil Tripathi, and Mithun Mukherjee. The trio identified that the education sector in India is slow to adopt digital technologies. So, they established SWIPETOUCH with the mission of making school ERP a more user-friendly and popular software.
Keeping that motto in mind - SWIFTCAMPUS is born. By using their digital acumen, the founders have built a user-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective school ERP.

Suman Dutta is a Software Technology evangelist based in Silicon Valley, California, USA. He has more than 16 years of industry experience working on various aspects of Software development. Sushil Tripathi is an accomplished, result-oriented, and seasoned sales professional with over 17 years of experience in direct sales & business development with good exposure in training. Mithun Mukherjee has more than 15 years of Industry experience working for various software service companies and ERP-based products.

With SWIPETOUCH’s cloudbased school management software, schools can get rid of paper-based tasks and shift to an automated system ensuring streamlined dayto- day school processes. Integrated with AI technology, SWIPETOUCH’s school management system covers all the complicated sections of School management for tension-free management. The platform helps schools in reducing overall operating costs by reducing manpower and automating management tasks.

SWIPETOUCH is not an edtech company to replace school education via an online mode of education, rather it’s a platform to empower Schools to have more control, access & reach to have a better, flexible, & transparent way of imparting education

With this platform, online classes can be conducted, assignments can be shared quickly with students, and report cards can be prepared and shared. Teachers and parents can track the performance of students effortlessly. One of the things that set SWIPETOUCH apart from other competitors is the ease of usability. There is absolutely no need to train people on how to use the software. It is simple and user-friendly. Be it meetings, classes, assignments, communicating with the teachers, administrators, or leave applications, parents and students just need to install the app on their phone, laptop, or desktop. With a few clicks, all the tasks can be performed.

The company is now focusing on R&D on immersive learning solutions using technologies like – XR Extended Reality (AR, VR, MR). Where the world is now focusing on Metaverse, and other 3D-based Virtual Reality. Suman Dutta (CEO & Co-Founder) himself an MIT Certified AR/VR Professional, understands the potential of this area, & believes that this will be the future of all learning. He started working on setting up a lab facility within the company to become one of the few who started in this area.