Syamantaka Technologies: Leveraging Latest Technologies to Reduce the Strain on Humans

Mr. Savio, Founder,  Myrtle Rodrigues, Co-Founder,    Sandeep Santosh, DirectorThe implementation of AI products and services is projected to rise over the years. The factors can be attributed to the expansion of data-based AI and advancements in deep learning, as well as the necessity to acquire robotic autonomy in order to remain competitive in a global market. There are several ways where AI has brought the needed innovation in today’s world. Let's take the issue of sewerage pipelines in cities and towns as an example of a societal concern. Today, to solve clogging of such systems, which eventually leads to flooding in cities and towns, government officials rely on inhumane physical labor to clean clogs in sewerage pipes.

Understanding this grave problem, Syamantaka Technologies has been currently focusing on leveraging AI and Robotic technologies to develop solutions that can discontinue human interface to cleaning clogged sewerage pipes. For the flooding concerns, the company has devised IOT solutions that will be able to monitor, read and analyze data. This structured data will enable clients to conduct predictive analysis on the probability of flooding and set pre-alert mechanisms to ensure prompt resolutions. Thus setting in motion disaster management response mechanisms to contain its impact before hand.

The company offers an AI/IOT system for sewerage pipelines that can detect floods and blockages before they become problems, thus averting or mitigating flood related
tragedies. It has been working on a futuristic solution Robotic Rover that can be deployed into sewerage pipelines to detect and rectify faults, as well as report on issues for future automobile remedial solutions. Syamantaka Technologies has also successfully been able to assist a machine tool maker in developing an IOT platform to reduce errors and redundancies on the shop floor with the support of its strategic collaboration with Coimbatore based Bytescape Labs.

Syamantaka Technologies was founded by Savio Rodrigues. He is driven by a vision that AI, Robotics, Automation and IOT is the future and India will be a leader in this space in the next 15-years. He is a serial entrepreneur and has investments in several business sectors.

“More than just technology, we are driven by a purpose to solve a societal concern. Around societal concerns, we do not necessarily talk about our innovations or ideas, we prefer to let our innovations do the talking for us. Our company is backed by a competent team of seasoned professionals who are completely focused on developing best-in-class technology driven solutions,” states Savio Rodrigues, Founder, Syamantaka Technologies.

Our goal is to use our technologies to reduce the amount of time it takes a human to complete a task that can easily be completed by automated machines

Since its inception as a startup, Syamantaka Technologies has been constantly innovating itself. The company has been catering to clientele who are largely government organizations in India, and are gradually expanding across the Middle East, and Africa. Syamantaka Technologies strives to maintain a modest profile, wherein, most of its clients come from word of mouth and trust that we have garnered over the years. Leveraging the latest technologies which includes AI, Robotics, IOT and Automation, the company’s focus has always been towards eliminating human burden in executing a job that can easily be done by a machine. The focus is more towards developing nations where the human burden is more.

“We're utilizing AI, robotics, IOT, and automation to solve acute challenges. Our goal is to use our technologies to reduce the amount of time it takes a human to complete a task that can easily be completed by automated machines. We are particularly eager to provide answers in underdeveloped nations, as this is where the human toll is greatest. We're also interested in using AI, Robotics, IOT, and Automation in the mining industry around the world to reduce the strain on humans and to employ technology solutions to avoid disrupting the environment where mining takes place,” concludes Savio.