Symbyont Smart Spaces: A creative, Emerging Start-up Building a Workplace to Optimize Work and Leisure Opportunities

Vishal Srivastav, Chief Executive Officer,Devendu Bajpai, Director

Vishal Srivastav

Chief Executive Officer

There is a change in the Indian workplace that will cause a shift in focus towards productivity and satisfaction of workers and make changes smoother for effective organizations. To reflect the fresh and reshaped world of work, where both the financial bottom line and the staff are at the top, the flexible office is therefore cultivated. The parent company, having been involved with the numerous other companies, felt that there was a need for world-class spaces for one of the fastest-growing and youngest employees in the world especially in the newer metros of India. Following the same notion Symbyont Smart Spaces was initiated to deliver ethical, constructive, mutually beneficial, high-quality smart space services to its customers and partners.

Established in 2019, Symbyont Smart Spaces is a creative, emerging start-up in the top central business districts of the country's Grade A buildings that provides fully compliant office spaces that are modular and custom-designed. Their spaces improve employee productivity, are luxurious with trendy contemporary interiors, environmentally friendly designs, and focus on ensuring complete ease of work. World-class locations and interiors provide flagship offices for organizations that maximize visibility and brand recognition while increasing cost-effectiveness, along with the emphasis on cybersecurity and privacy of modern-day business organizations. In today's rapidly evolving world, the one thing that the organization claims has not changed is the need for an office-goer for a secure and ergonomic working climate.

Symbyont Smart Spaces offer spaces for consumers who want to move forward with the times, through their flexible, versatile and secure workplaces. Vishal Srivastav, Chief Executive Officer, Symbyont Smart Spaces says, "Now we are an integral part of the vibrant office scene in Hyderabad when the pandemic struck, Symbyont Smart Spaces was a relatively new venture, but we were able to sign a range of high-profile and high-volume multi-national customers in the March-August timeframe, and in October, we just opened one of our flagship offices. We hope to continue building on our success as adaptability and transition, whether in terms of modernizing design or dealing with emerging developments in working styles, are inherently integrated into the very ethos of our organization: versatility is, after all, one of our USPs."
Rendering functional Office Spaces
Research has shown that when workers are not only happy but also, enjoy their job, they are most productive: this means a workplace that is built to optimize simple work and leisure opportunities. Installations involve beautifully built workplaces that conform to international ergonomic requirements, the highest quality of interiors that still communicate with natural elements such as greenery and light, as well as nutritious food and drinks that are specially sourced. As Symbyont Smart Spaces, knows the importance of teams working productively together, collaborative areas are an integral part of our workplaces, and these environments are built to be interactive, enabling movement and flow of ideas, adaptable to larger or smaller groups. Also, they offer businesses cost-effective ways to provide their employees with downtime, adapting to their corporate identity and nature of work: from gaming zones to lounge areas, as well as a fundamental concern with medical rooms and sleep pods for employee wellbeing.

Devendu Bajpai, Director

Symbyont Smart Spaces strive for continuous interaction and cooperation with customers during their journeys, from fast responses to feedback to adapting the spaces to their unique and changing needs, as ensuring ease of business is one of the core values. Their team design and development work to scale and build offices that businesses can be proud of, representing their ethos and nature while fulfilling their financial requirements and delivering on record time so that customers can continue to improve employee productivity as soon as possible.

Symbyont smart spaces improves employee productivity, are luxurious with trendy contemporary interiors, environmentally friendly designs, and focus on ensuring complete ease of work

In the meantime, the customer relations team is committed to ensuring that on-site practices and services not only fulfil the standards of the client but also go beyond them. The cost-effectiveness of centralized office facilities and administration is combined with immediate and personalized responses to input and needs from employees. Further, Vishal adds, "It has been a year of evolution and unprecedented change for almost every industry, and we at Symbyont Smart Spaces are proud to have continued our growth during this period. From signing some of the biggest deals in Hyderabad real estate during the lockdown period to two of our office spaces going live since October and gaining numerous high-volume multinational clients, we have been true to our ethos of adaptability and keeping abreast of the times."

During the continuation of the financial year, Symbyont Smart Spaces will strengthen its position in Hyderabad and will explore ways and means to improve the experience of its customers in the existing centers. Over the next year, the company is looking to expand their business in Hyderabad and to other major cities in South India, such as Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. Also, are looking forward to integrating creative technology to increase reaction time and provide the customers with higher levels of service.