Syook: Because Seeing is Believing for Businesses

 Aman Agarwal, Arjun Nagarajan, and Saurabh Sharma, Co-FoundersLike baseball managers and football coaches, business executives too want their team, and each employee, to be 'on the same page'. This is in line with the objective to understand how their roles play into the workings, and the success, of the larger organization. In many ways, that’s the promise of digital transformation. However, across geographies and cultures, one problem coexists throughout lack of visibility in operations. Therefore, with a product primarily based on providing operational visibility, and contextual information, Bengaluru headquartered Syook has lifted the baton to assist businesses with their indoor environments’ decision making. The founders carry 36 years of experience in operations in different parts of the world, servicing major oil companies. “Operations are inherently complex and depend upon a large number of inputs and constraints. What industries usually lack is oversight and intelligence around these inputs. Our goal was to provide this visibility since the beginning”, explains Arjun Nagarajan, CEO & Co-founder, Syook.
At the dawn of startup India, with the clear picture of the existing visibility problem to address, Arjun Nagarajan, Aman Agarwal, and Saurabh Sharma co-founded Syook to help organizations optimize their operations. Having identified the pain point to address, it was time to narrow down on the technology to be deployed to mitigate the pain points. Bluetooth has been a game changer due to its portability and low power consumption advantages. Thus, Syook’s trio found that this was the best suited technology to resolve the challenges in consideration. Almost 95 percent of the sensors used in the industry are either Bluetooth or WiFi. However, while Bluetooth technology off the shelf does not give usable RTLS in the vast majority of the real world cases, Syook’s proprietary technology and RTLS platform makes it possible to bridge that gap. Giving the location of an asset with actionable insights is a game changer. Syook offers a full stack solution, from hardware to data pipelines, from proprietary logic to notifications & analytics all on a single platform. “For our customers, this is a huge advantage, since they need to only call Syook, and the problem goes away. Our commitment to technology and our focus on customer success is what drives us every day to deliver value”, adds Saurabh.

Syook offers a full stack solution, from hardware to data pipelines, from proprietary logic to notifications & analytics all on a single platform

In search of a launch pad, the founding members had arrived in India with this vision to create intelligent value in operations. From a team of 3 people, Syook is now a 27member strong organization. “We are continuously improving in terms of technology and delivering value to our customers”, says Aman. With an immediate focus to grow its product and footprint, Syook expresses its intention to collaborate with more early adopters in order to be able to show them a clear value proposition. Syook is also keen on exploring the different use cases and their applicability in different industries across geographies. For instance, the firm is currently working on an opportunity in South America, which is the same as the challenge one of Syook’s clients in India is facing. With such giant strides, Syook shows a promise that the firm will become the enterprise operating system of choice for all organizations that want to run their operations in a safe, efficient and compliant manner.