Tago: Delivering Products at Doorstep

The story of Saujanya Deshmukh is a testimony of the fact that destiny is not a matter of chance but is purely a matter of choice. A technologist by profession, he has been an employee in the IT sector for over a decade (Ex-AVP JP Morgan Chase). His prowess and diligence earned him the opportunity to work abroad but instead chose to leverage his skills to realise his own ideas and aspirations by establishing Tago, technically equipped hyper –local delivery company. “The intention of venturing into fast and reliable delivery domain was in my mind for quite some time. Decreeing the right set of circumstances I along with my partners initiated Tago,” says Saujanya Deshmukh.

The end in view of building Tago was to create an online platform to simplify the process of delivery which forms an essential part of B2C business like retailers, Home Bakers, Women Entrepreneurs, and Offline Businesses. Its main attribute is to deliver commodities in couple of hours anywhere in the city. In short, Tago as a company is expert in same day delivery and intends to save time and money of both customers and enterprises. It basically offers home delivery services, where executives are assigned to collect parcel and deliver to the customer’s destination. The efficiency of Tago model is delivered by over 150 riders (Tago executives engaged as freelancers). “We are a company that caters to the biggest and the minutest requirement of our client, from assigning riders to picking up packages to supplying carry bags," he adds.
Aside from these, it has made room for corporate gifting, retail customers, women entrepreneurs, publication houses and others.“Our methodology has enabled us to remain lean and survive the competitive market, ”he adds.

The company has observed appropriate and pragmatic approaches to confront every stumbling block on its way. It has been adapting its services and operating methods according to the nature of the demands and hitches. To which he adds, “Initially, we kept the business on trial basis to understand the market dynamics. We started with delivering groceries then upgraded to last mile delivery and after speculating everything we decided to deliver a wide range of products.”To move ahead successfully, Tago collaborated with well established businesses and banded together with small traders like fresh food sellers, home bakers, salads, smoothies, fresh fruit juices and others. Along with its own advancements, Tago has conferred substantial opportunities. In fact, Tago has empowered small businesses to reach and connect with their customers effectively.
Saujanya Deshmukh,Founder

Tago empowers brick-and-mortar Shops to compete with Amazon, Flipkart by providing delivery in two hours within city

In a span of two years, Tago has made a significant mark on its own birth city, Pune. It has on boarded 400+ business customers, 9000+ retail clients, delivered more than 20 thousand orders and collaborated with some influential brands in the Retail Market. It has earned acute recognition because it empowered small merchants / malls / retail chains using Billing Software or POS Machine to provide Home Delivery to its customers. Merchant need not have eCommerce website or app. Now, Tago technology allows customer to choose Home Delivery the same way they choose to Add carry bag to their bill at POS. This feature is already in use by big brands in Pune - Sakal Media Group, Desai Bandhu Ambewale, Venus Traders, Champion Sports, Dry Fruits Stores, etc. Soon it's going to be extended to major garment retail chains so that you get your altered clothes directly Home Delivered. For ecommerce portal we have option to “checkout with Tago”. The credit of the exceptional headways goes to the prolific team of the company that has been dedicatedly working for the benefit of the company. “Our team is the reason behind our success and to maintain their efficiency we observe a healthy work culture,” he avers.

Perceiving the opportunity of the same day delivery market, Saujanya arrogates to join hand with other enterprises to take the business to the next level, extend its services to the six major metro cities and of course attain new standings.