Tails Nation: Enhancing the Pet Parent Bond through Unique & Custom Experiences

  Atishay Jain,   FounderThe pet care market in India is rapidly growing, driven by increasing pet parenting and rising awareness about animal welfare. Current trends in the pet care industry include a focus on natural and organic products, a demand for highquality and affordable veterinary services, and the growing popularity of pet grooming and wellness services. The use of technology such as online ordering and telemedicine is also becoming more widespread in the industry. Companies that can successfully meet pet parents' evolving needs and preferences while staying ahead of these trends are likely to succeed in India's competitive pet care market. Established in 2020, Tails Nation is a leading pet care company that believes in providing complete care for pets and fulfilling the needs of every type of pet parents. With a focus on expanding and diversifying its portfolio, Tails Nation caters to the changing demands of pet parents across India, offering premium and functional products through its online store.

Customers in the pet care industry face various challenges such as limited access to quality pet products, difficulty finding affordable and reliable veterinary services, and a lack of information about their pets' proper care and nutrition. Tails Nation, owned by One Frame Retail, has been able to meet
the growing demand for pet care products in India by building a strong brand portfolio of over 100 brands and 3000+ products. The company uses data keeping and online inventory control to manage its inventory and ensure that products never go out of stock. Tails Nation also overcomes the challenge of product shortages by ordering its inventory well in advance. Since its inception, the company has achieved several milestones, including partnerships with NGOs and dog shelters and hosting regular feeding drives for street animals. "Tails Nation's commitment to serving the pet care industry and giving back to the society is what sets it apart and contributes to its success", speaks Atishay Jain.

Tails Nation's goal is to become an omnichannel retail brand with its online store &first offline retail store

A Happier Future for Pets & their Families
Tails Nation is dedicated to providing complete care for pets, offering premium bedding options, attractive bowls, mats, and walk essentials, and is working on launching a new range of natural vegetarian biscuits in six delicious flavors. The company also offers unique services such as customized pet portraits and telepathic animal communication services. In addition, Tails Nation is opening a retail pet store with a grooming spa and vet clinic all under one roof to cater to the essential services of pet grooming, nutrition, and veterinary care. "Tails Nation is always striving to fulfill the needs of every type of pet customer", says Atishay Jain.

Tails Nation is a pet care company that sets itself apart from its competitors by offering new and exclusive plant-based and vegan brands and a selection of imported brands limited to Tails Nation. Tails Nation is dedicated to improving pets' mental health by offering a designated play area in their upcoming store and educational resources on their website. Their upcoming store will provide opportunities for pets to engage and develop, leading to better overall well-being.

Tails Nation's goal is to become an omnichannel retail brand with its online store and first offline retail store. The company is working on opening a retail store, grooming spa, and veterinary clinic and launching a diversified range of products under the Tails Nation brand.