Talent Management Consultancy: Elevating HR Operations Using Innovative Solutions

Rohan Monis ,Partner & Head - Operations

Rohan Monis

Partner & Head - Operations

Talent is not just a mere asset, it's the backbone of any successful organization, and without it, growth and success are impossible. This is where talent recruitment companies come in, providing valuable support to organizations seeking to attract and retain top-quality candidates. From sourcing to screening to onboarding, these companies provide end-to-end solutions that can save businesses time and money. The market landscape of talent recruitment organizations is highly competitive, with several players operating in the space. The demand for talent management services has been steadily increasing over the years, driven by the need for organizations to identify, attract, and retain top talent.Talent Management Consultancy is a manpower recruitment company that has been engaged in sourcing and recruiting blue and white-collar manpower to organizations across various industry globally.

Established in 2019, Talent Management Consultancy is Kolkata based firm that provides services to all industry verticals like Financing & Banking, FMCG, Retail, Construction, Mining, Travel & Tourism, Education, Hospitality, and Healthcare Sectors mostly in the Middle East, Africa, and India. The firm’s range of services includes talent hunt/mapping, recruitment, talent acquisition, professional profile making, resume service, professional training, executive search, headhunting, mentoring, and coaching. “The company follows a rigorous process to select and finalize candidates, which includes scrutinization of the job description provided by the client, sourcing candidates via various platforms, screening, assessing, and shortlisting candidates within a very short Turn-Around-Time of 48 to 72 hours”, speaks Sushmita.
Based on the job specifications,due diligence checks on the candidates background are conducted and further initial HR interview is taken of the candidate by the TMC Team.

As the saying goes, smooth seas do not make skilful sailors. This is particularly true as it is often the challenges that an organization faces that can truly test the mettle of its leaders and team members, and ultimately lead to growth and success. “Accepting challenges motivates the firm to work even harder and ultimately fulfilling the client’s requirement. Even when the Talent Management Consultancy was new in the market, the main priority has always been to find the potential candidate, and that too before the timeline allotted”, speaks Rohan. The company also faced challenges like attracting and retaining talent and adapting to changing market trends but has always managed to overcome them.

Sushmita Dasgupta, Partner & Head-Hr Business Development

The firm was incepted by Sushmita Dasgupta, an HR professional experienced in various organizations in India and the Middle East, and Rohan Monis, an experienced operations manager with prior experience from corporations like Dell and Wipro. The two founded TMC and have ever since helped organizations find the right candidate. The core team behind Talent Management Consultancy includes individuals with vast expertise in education, core HR and business development, recruitment, training and development, manufacturing, and the engineering sector.

TMC is dedicated to Deploying exceptional Talents across geographical Boundaries within clientspecified Timelines, budget & candidate credentials

The USP of the firm includes comprehensive industry mapping, focused search activities, on time recruitment solutions designed for deadline sensitive businesses, cost effective recruitment, a core team of more than 30 years of experience, and a global team supporting round the clock.

TMC operates globally through tie-ups with overseas partners and is currently in the process of expanding its operating bases and range of services to include assistance for obtaining overseas work visas and admission to international universities. The firm has the future roadmap of expanding its services to the UK, USA, CANADA, and EU.