TalentAll: Best in Class Talent Acquisition Services

Thyagarajan Karthik & Sujatha Subramanyan,Business Head & DirectorThe biggest challenge at present among organizations in India, especially the startups, is hiring the right talent at the right time. Opportunity wise, most of the organizations create newer job roles and constantly scale up their operations to create a difference in the market in their expansion phase; Success for these growing organizations in this phase is well achieved through collaborating with right partners who could deliver flawless execution by identifying and retaining the right talent.

Thyagrajan Karthik who is a firm believer of this always found it interesting to understand the entire market prospects in the recruitment space. He always had the urge to do something different and impactful in the Industry. More than anything, he was often found discussing various aspects and challenges faced in the Industry with his colleagues and friends. Finally in 2016,after consulting his friends and colleagues across various Industries, Karthik decided to start his own venture that completely focused on providing best in class talent acquisition
services to SMEs and MSMEs. Helping companies identify and hire the right talent that is suitable for the right position at the right time led to the inception of TalentAll.

Based in Chennai, during the early days, Karthik was joined by other co-founders onboard and their varied influence and experience in the Industry across verticals helped TalentAll acquire a solid base.

“TalentAll’s philosophy is to create an ecosystem of success across customers, partners, candidates and employees”

The Foundation

For any startup, challenges are inevitable. TalentAll right at the beginning of the journey had come across trivial hiccups but overcame them with their hard work and dedication. “Fortunately, we had some large and well-reputed customers who were willing to bet on us when we started. We decided to focus on few customers but do meaningful work for them and ensure we focus on just one metric – “Customer Satisfaction”. We were determined to set clear expectations with customers on what and when to expect from us. Staying focused on what you offer and managing it well has been our key to success”, says Karthik.

TalentAll believes that their team is their strength and when it
comes to execution or managing a heavy workload or even internal talent acquisition and hiring process, they operate in a systematic manner and gives top priority to every single operation following strict documentation procedures. Therefore their way of running the business enhances the overall process and helps them craft creative sourcing strategies and techniques for their clients.

Coming to their services offering, TalentAll provides custom services to meet their customer’s specific needs, few of them include Sourcing, Pre-Qualification, Qualification. Explaining about their flagship offering, Karthik mentions, “As we start working with technology startups or organizations who are setting up offices in India, our Total recruitment Process Outsourcing for a fixed fee is gaining a lot of traction with our customers. This reduces the stress our clients go through while at the same time ensures predictability of spends.”

Team Talent All takes pride in their growth that is entitled to 80 percent quarter on quarter and are open to opportunities and new ideas. “The world of recruiting has gone nearly 100-percent digital – the industry is moving toward a digital hiring model. TalentAll is working towards improving the internal process and platforms to effectively use social media, big data and other technologies to ensure we (and thereby our customers) have the right insights in to potential job seekers”, concludes Karthik.