Taninty Game Studio: Innovate. Develop. Design

M.S Sathish Kumar,CEOEvery age has its story telling form, and video gaming is a huge part of the modern day culture. Ever since the development of the first game during the second part 19th century, the video gaming spaced has evolved with making it one of the most lucrative entertainment modes in the world. From computer to mobile games and now, AR/VR based games; the industry has grown widely with taking ahead of the technological advancements and latest disruptions as the key to immortality.

Foreseeing that not only the games are denoted for relief, enjoy and have fun-filled time, but also acts as a useful medium to spread information, enrich one's knowledge through the visual and graphics fitting right to the user's minds, Chennai based Taninty Game Studio (Taninty) came into the picture. The brainchild of M.S Sathish Kumar, an engineer by profession and a passionate game developer, the building blocks of Taninty was actually garnered from the inspiration to create an idea of recognition, celebrate the achievements and overall, contribute towards the rapid
evolution of gaming developments. “The online mode has transformed the world drastically. And, with creating breathtaking apps, they have also improvised the learning mechanism to a large extent enabled by rich content, graphics, quality, thus integrating all in one common platform making it more engaging & exciting.

Till date, Taninty has devised and published more than 10 games for Android,iOS applications and also in web portal that are running successfully all over

Through our platform, we develop games that give entertainment, messages as well as improvise their personal skills, enhancing creativity,” speaks M.S. Sathish Kumar, CEO, Taninty Game Studio.

All Games Types – In One Platform
Taninty was established in 2013 with the mission to present more innovation in the game developing & designing spectrum. Focused more on innovative, creative & casual aspects, the games are of varied kinds involved with numerous channels. Till date, the company has devised and published more than 10 games for Android/iOS applications and web portal that are running successfully all over. Pinpointing Indian Cricket Premium League as its flagship offering that is framed as an IP-based game which has more
than 100,000 downloads and an daily active users of over 5000, the other games consist of the Save the Infants which accounts the position among 25 games in Pocket Gamer India, Amoeba Solitaire, Endless Loop, The Book Ethan, a web-based game and so on.

Led by a team of game developers, extremely talented designers and more, Taninty with its strategic tools has been able to carve a niche for itself with being different from its competitors in the similar arena. Acing the potential to transfer a simple idea into a complete marketable, the company through its own network and initiatives like zero advertisement campaigns worked on the review received from the users and aligned them together with the foresighted goals. “We mostly take the feedback from our users and focus on our target audience mainly and based that we set up ourselves to give a better game for my users,” avers Sathish.

The Step Ahead–Outsourcing Games
Working on multiple outsourcing projects and synchronizing clients demand with their efforts Taninty is capable to finish the task on time and as per standards. With making the unique games, the team at Taninty also deals with the outsourcing process on artwork, animation and game development. Currently, they are working on Laysix, a casino based game for one of its clients. Growing over the years and as a bootstrapped company, Taninty in a short time frame has been able to expand its branches and is dedicated to grow manifolds and capture the burgeoning space.