TARDID TECHNOLOGIES: Leveraging Machine Learning & Cognitive technology to reduce unplanned downtime

An idea by a group of innovation enthusiasts sharing the same passion of innovating, creating next generation technological solutions for profitable future justifies the foundation of TARDID TECHNOLGIES. The company is known to revolutionize the machine learning space and defining the right time using real-time. TARDID is the only company that talks about integrating existing data towards digital enablement where the machines themselves are able to communicate the status of their health, including their residual lifespan. “We are creating a life altering offering for the heavy industries. Not only are we decreasing their unplanned down times but more importantly, we are increasing their sustainability,” mentions Niladri Dutta, CEO.

The Building Years
The ideation of TARDID originated at a time when Niladri and Aasthaidentified a dearth of availability of real information on the people at airports during their frequent travels. Given their background in analytics, this got them wondering about the possibility of creating an analytical tool that could provide information to the airport authorities, enhance the surveillance and drastically improve the security. With developing a productfocused on digital enablement and digitization in mind, they worked on the process of maturing this technology. It was during this stage that their heavy industry connects began to reach out to them expressing their interest. “Unplanned downtime was common in every industry and hence we zeroed in on resolving this age-old problem with the latest technology. We pushed ourselves to look
beyond the obvious and decided we will work towards structural and machine health of these monstrous assets,” says Aastha. This marked the beginning of TARDID.

Niladri Dutta, CEO,Aastha Verma, COO

Niladri Dutta, CEO
Aastha Verma, COO

Quick enough to sense the need of digital enablement to empower industries understand their assets lifespan and aid in proactive decision making – going beyond analytics, the team built an integrated platform combining the power of machine learning and cognitive computing to enable predictive health maintenance for the structure and machine health. They named it Brainbox- AIP.

" TARDID’s Brainbox is an integrated platform combining the power of machine learning and cognitive computing to enable predictive health maintenance for the structure and machine health "

Soon, they approached Indian maritime infringement authorities to demonstrate their capabilities of structural health and were able to provide the expected lifespan of the war vessel at different operating conditions. “Ever since, there was no looking back, and we ventured
into the Oil & Gas industry, Manufacturing and others,” says Aastha.

A result of Undeterred Focus
Committed to innovation and to the global ecosystem that supports it, TARDID provides expert Structural and Machine Health system of the assets to the customers. With these, the customers are aware of the exact health of their assets and are able to take actions based on technical inputs instead of just on intuitions. “We are creating a futuristic world where machines are self-reliant. It's the immune system that your machines deserve!” says Aastha.

The company regularly monitors the team’s performance and ensures that all of them are following the correct path – be it technology development, product development, business, sales and team building. “The beauty of a young company and small team is that we take the liberty to keep pushing each other to achieve excellence in our respective fields,” avers Niladri.

Determined Minds. Strong Wills. Endless Possibilities.
Staying nimble yet steady is what has helped TARDID reach greater heights of success under the guidance of industry experts. The company has gained overwhelming response on their successful pilot implementations which are now being converted to full blown projects. “We are moving in niche areas which require specialized skill sets. These are areas where you have a handful of resources across the globe, so to collaborate with them and encompass their knowledge is a task which our team is continuously working towards,” concludes Niladri.