Taxivaxi: Ensuring Seamless Business Travel for a Decade

 Vinod Kumar,  Co-Founder

Vinod Kumar


A significant challenge faced by corporate travel managers, procurement managers as well as company HRs every time they plan a business trip is managing travel arrangements while coordinating schedules from multiple platforms, causing efficiency and oftentimes compromised quality of services. Meeting the demand for personalized travel experiences through technology integration is crucial.

Safety and security measures are paramount, and companies must focus on innovation, cost optimization, and enhanced customer engagement to stay competitive while maintaining social and environmental responsibility. Taxivaxi, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, founded over a decade ago, addresses these concerns while offering end-to-end services for bleisure and business trips integrated with SaaS technologies, promoting a cashless and paperless travel experience for corporate clients. Taxivaxi was conceived when the founders recognized the absence of seamless and personalized corporate travel options.

Identifying a market gap, they united their diverse expertise to redefine corporate travel through a cutting-edge platform. By staying at the forefront of technology and software advancements, Taxivaxi offers customers advanced and user-friendly solutions. Serving as a comprehensive one-stop solution, the company streamlines corporate travel. "The company was founded on the core values of transparency, customer satisfaction, innovation, and creativity. With these core principles, Taxivaxi focuses on two things while creating customized solutions for clients: knowing what our clients want and giving them services that are designed to meet those wants.
We believe in offering solutions that meet immediate travel needs and also have long-term strategic benefits for our clients", shares Vinod Kumar, Co-founder.

Taxivaxi is driven by its commitment to delivering quality personalized and efficient round-the-clock services, constantly improving to maximize customer satisfaction through dedicated teams and relationship managers. The suite of services includes cab rentals with a nationwide network, hassle-free flight and hotel bookings, bus and train ticketing, compliance management, and VISA/FRRO consultancy. Rigorous driver training and system enhancements ensure service excellence.

Tailored to SPOCs, Admins, Approvers, and Employees, the online approval system streamlines trip approval, enhancing productivity. Advanced MIS, reporting, and analytics tools empower Admin users for better expense tracking and travel strategy improvement. Utilization of state of-the-art reporting systems fosters trust, loyalty, and growth by focusing on client needs and preferences.

"We have created an ecosystem that is geared towards satisfying the needs of business travelers in every way. Our approach to integrating our services with advanced tools which are available through our easy-touse web portal, giving our clients data-driven insights that help them make better decisions. Corporations can even integrate the Taxivaxi portal with their HRMS", shares Vinod.

Taxivaxi distinguishes itself through several compelling benefits, such as minimal cancellation fees, GST billings, drivers trained in corporate etiquette, travel policy mapping, in-depth analysis, and MIS reporting, along with simplified business management options.

The company's unique selling proposition lies in its comprehensive corporate travel management approach and the integration of advanced technologies like GPS, AI, and ML. GPS enables real-time cab tracking, while AI and ML analyze user preferences and historical data, delivering personalized travel recommendations. This combination sets Taxivaxi apart, providing clients with unparalleled convenience and tailored experiences.

Future Roadmap
Taxivaxi's future goals encompass expanding to more cities and integrating advanced technologies for improved services while customizing offerings to align with market demands. The main objective of the firm is to develop a technologically enhanced, interconnected ecosystem, maintaining high-quality service and competitive pricing. Utilizing AI and ML, Taxivaxi aims to enhance efficiency, provide insightful analytics for better decision-making, and meet the unmet needs in the corporate travel industry.

Emphasizing customization, sustainability, and strategic partnerships, the firm is committed to investing in safety and security measures, ensuring a safe travel experience for all clients. The futuristic firm's vision centers on growth, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to quality service.